9-28-15 Monday

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Breaking News!

One of these kittens…

…has been faking us out. Which kitten was it? This one:

“Who, meeeee?”

Skinny Pete, as it turns out, is NOT A BOY. I was pottying the kittens Saturday, and I looked at Skinny Pete’s back end to be sure he was clean, and I thought “Hmm. Well, that is NOT a boy!”

I called Fred in for a second opinion, and he agreed.

Skinny Pete is a girl. I guess I really just NEVER look at kittens’ back ends except to be sure they’re clean. And Fred only looked at their back ends once or twice, so I’d know whether I had boys or girls. Last time he looked, they were about a week old, and it’s not super easy to tell the sexes of kittens at that age.

So, I repeat (and I will be repeating it again in the days to come for the skimmers) – Skinny Pete is a GIRL.

I have no plans to change her name, though I did joke about renaming her “Slender Petra.”

She doesn’t care what I call her, as long as I keep the bottle coming.


Pretty, pretty Spitz.

All 8 kittens, present and accounted for! Not in focus, but present.

Calabash (front) and Zuke (behind her) try to talk that feather teaser down.

Here they are! Left to right: Louganis (green collar), Phelps (in the back, on the bed), Zuke (mouth open), Spitz, Calabash, Pattypan, Ambercup and Torres.

Dancin’ Zuke.

He cracks me up when he balances like this.

A disorganized group of SwimBugs.

As I’ve mentioned, Fred never bothers to learn the names of the fosters and gives them all nicknames to keep them straight. Yesterday I let him steal this awesome picture to post on his Facebook page. His caption is below the picture.

Eight of the kittens we’re fostering right now. Their names are (from the left): Pink, Green, Yellow, Wild Bill, Gray, Spot, Stumpy, and Mouth.


Video: the SwimBugs have the hippity-hops, and they’re not afraid to use ’em.

YouTube link.


I just love that Joe Bob with his Love Eyes and the spray of whiskers.


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9-28-15 Monday — 17 Comments

  1. This must be the year of the gender mixups as Kelly had one recently too!
    I love Fred’s picture and the nicknames. LOL!

  2. I had a Peter who turned out to be a Petra – except I never could remember to call her that so she remained Peter until she went away.

  3. I have a girl house panther named Stinky Pete!

    I also had a female tabby cat growing up called Pete — her given name was Petunia, but my big sisters thought that was a silly name. So, Pete!

  4. I sincerely hope I’m not the only one who read the saga of Peter/Petra, then heard in her/his head “CHANDLER’S A GIRL! CHANDLER’S A GIRL!”

  5. Has Joe Bob been losing weight? He looks skinnier than I thought with that aerial view.

    Oh Zuke, you are my totem animal too.

    • No, he’s about the same weight – he’s actually a little thicker than usual, he puts on about half a pound in the fall and loses it again in the spring. He’s just a long and lanky guy!