9-29-15 Tuesday

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Former foster(s) update!

If you were reading back in 2010 (and at this point, even if you weren’t), you remember Reacher, the gorgeous silver tabby. He was from the Bookworms litter, the same litter as Corbie. Here are a couple of pictures to remind you what he looked like then.

Baby Reacher.

Reacher the ladies’ man, snuggled up with Cindy Brady.

And if you were reading in 2012 (or even if you weren’t), you remember Mr. Stripey, the sweet orange kitten who came to us with his mother, Brandywine, and what seemed like 7,000 boy kittens who were WILD and drove their poor mama crazy, the litter known as the ‘Maters. Here are a couple of pictures to remind you of what Mr. Stripey looked like then.

Sweet baby kitten.

Such a nut, that boy.

Kathy adopted Reacher when he was about a year old. It was a rough transition for him – he turned pretty feral for a while there – and I will be forever grateful that she gave him so much time and love, to help him adapt.

Mr. Stripey and his brother Sungold were adopted together when they were about 9 months old. Unfortunately, the adoption didn’t work out, and some months later they were returned. They stayed at the shelter, in the cat room. Sungold unexpectedly passed away in his sleep in late 2014, leaving his brother behind. When Mr. Stripey had been back at the shelter for a solid year, Kathy came and adopted him!

His addition to the household went a WHOLE lot more smoothly than Reacher’s did. Mr. Stripey is now named Gladstone, and he and Reacher are BFFs!

Snugglebuddies Reacher (grey) & Gladstone (orange, fka Mr Stripey). They have become good friends & love to play thunderfoot chase at about 3am every day.

Don’t you just LOVE a happy ending? (Thanks, Kathy, for letting me steal and post this picture!)


“I am tiny and adorable. I am gonna RULE the WORLD.”

::maniacal laughter::

Housepanther Swimmers – left to right: Torres, Louganis and Phelps. (Or, as Fred would say: Pink, Green and Yellow.)

“Am havin’ relaxation time on my comfy bed. You gots a problem with that?” (Calabash)

“GIVE me that camera!” (Pattypan)

Pattypan, showing Phelps who the boss is (answer: Phelps is not the boss, as you can tell from that Open Mouth of Outrage).

Zuke does a little Kravitzing.

Having captured the feather teaser, Ambercup is pretty pleased with herself.

I weighed the Swimmers and the Squash Bugs over the weekend. At the top of the weight chart: Zuke (3 pounds, 2 ounces) and Phelps (3 pounds, 1 ounce). At the bottom: Pattypan and Torres (2 pounds, 7 ounces). They grow so fast!


Video: Badger and Combo get their walkin’ legs.

YouTube link.


Badger, talking to the side of the tub whilst waiting for his bottle.

“Lady, you need to hurry it up!”

“Bottle, you need to get in my belly!”

Belly is full and Badger is happy.

Combo’s ready to drop off to sleep, I think.

Skinny Pete likes to roll around on his her back when his her belly is full.


A certain loony someone does NOT like it when I get the camera out, and in fact now will go running if he hears me turn the camera on. BRAT. Clearly I need to start bribing him with treats to get him to pose for me.


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  1. Love kitten update. So good to see them loved and doing well.
    The video put the song “What will we do with a drunken sailor” in my head! I hope I give everyone an earworm this morning! LOL

  2. Awww! Thanks, Robyn, for fostering, loving & raising SO many baby kitties! I feel lazy leaving your place or Challengers House with just one at a time! I put Mr Stripey “on hold” for about 3 months (or longer?) & I bet Susan thought I’d never really come pick him up. When he was returned, then lost his brother it kinda broke my heart & I wanted to take him in right away, but had tons of travel for work ahead at the time. I called dibbs on him, got all that travel behind me & was so glad when I could finally bring him home. Sweet little love bug, he’s made a perfect match for Reacher, as you can see!

  3. Thanks to people like you Robyn and Kathy! I also love the video of the little bitties squeakin’. Great morning cuteness!

  4. I remember how scared Reacher was at Petsmart, but how sweet he and Mr. Stripey both were. So happy to see them together and buddies!!!

  5. Had to laugh reading that old entry about “who’s going to take a cat with a cat” with a bad bottom?

    Well, ten years later I think we can say that he found the perfect home.

    • Poor baby Suggie. When I go back and read posts like that one, I am amazed that I kept on fostering! They were only my third set of fosters.

  6. Figaro also hates the camera. If he sees me point my cell phone at him, he purposely looks away. Rude. I guess he doesn’t want to be famous on the internet.

    Love the update about Reacher and Gladstone. I love a happy ending. And I giggled at the memory of Brandywine and her “7000 boy kittens”. πŸ™‚

  7. Jake’s picture is in my classroom and he tells the kids what we are doing each day… they know him as Miz Murano’s Boyfriend, Jake. πŸ™‚

  8. Bribe him with treats, AND kittens! (He does have his very own little Mini-Me, after all.)

    I laughed out loud watching Badger tumble backwards, then waddle through the litter box.

  9. Reacher and Mr. Stripey – now Gladstone – together and BFF – How wonderful! A few happy tears right now…Hugs to you, Kathy!

  10. Can I come over and play with the kittens? I so want to play with eight kittens all at the same time! Then with the tiny babies! I’m only 2/3 of the country away. πŸ™‚

    Even if she’s not moving I can’t get a good picture of my Zelda to save my life; she’s a very dark long-haired tortie (with the most pettable belly floof which she LETS ME PET!) and while the colors in her fur are stunning, my phone hates to pick them up well.

    • I’ve often thought that if Robyn and Fred are ever short on cash, they could open up a bed & breakfast — you KNOW there’d be a waiting list in no time!

    • Well, if she gets to come over…what about me??? I want to, too! She can’t hold all of them at once, you know…and you certainly don’t want them feeling left out or “not a favorite”….. hmmmmmmmmm…….

  11. That video is just the cutest thing!! I can’t get enough and keep re-watching it! πŸ™‚

    Also, SO very happy for Reacher and Gladstone… doesn’t get better than that kind of happy ending!!