9-30-15 Wednesday

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Calabash LOVES (well, all the kittens do, really) to bat at the blinds cords.

Pretty, pretty Torres.

Spitz’s ceiling fan fascination continues.

Sleepy little muffins.

Spitz would like to know just what in tarnation I think I’m doin’.

Calabash the flirt.

Ambercup, keeping an eye on me from afar.

Spitz With Attitude.

“Lady, seriously. Enough with the camera.”



“You gots more bottle over there, lady? Askin’ for a friend.”

Combo and the little pink belly. And, yes – that belly got MANY boops and snorgles.

Skinny Pete advises y’all to get your PAWS UP. All of ’em!


Video: Kitten Fight Club!

YouTube link.


Alice regards her toes and thinks she might need a pedicure.

YouTube link.


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9-30-15 Wednesday — 22 Comments

  1. I love the way the BeeBees Fight Club consists of rolling over on the opponent, tiny smacks and gumming in the general area of said opponent. Vicious!

    • Me too! Literally laughed out loud.

      Robyn, I think there’s something in your post every single day that makes me laugh. Some days, that’s the first — or maybe the only — laugh of the day. So thank you thank you!

  2. How is the lone wolf (pup) doing? All the kitties got someone to play with. I don’t think chickens count as play mates but I could be mistaken. 😉

  3. That picture of Spitz with attitude looks like it’s the cover of his new album; Kitten-tude Wherein he and his back up group, the Tude-a-rudes, sing such kitten anthems as “Shut Up, Stoopy Human,” “Go’way, It’s My Naptime,” “Die Camera, Die,” and “Ceiling Fan, Turn, Turn, Turn!”

  4. I’m especially impressed with how you took one blind cord and made 4 cat toys out of it. Combo’s centerfold shot is darling, especially with the “oops, ‘scuse me” paw by the mouth. Or maybe it’s a “hmm, what pose should I strike next” paw.

  5. Love the pic of all eight together on the bed. I know you and Fred work very hard for these little guys, but looking at this picture it seems like it does have its rewards at times. Thanks again for all you two do.