10-1-15 Thursday

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Bath time for Calabash.

Flirtin’ time for Calabash!

Zuke looks very Halloween Kitty here, doesn’t he?

In the condo of the pagoda cat tree is Ambercup’s favorite place to snooze during the day.

Louganis considers his next move.

Nap time for Calabash, Zuke, and Ambercup.

Dennis went visiting. Ambercup came over to sniff his foot.

And Dennis said “Hey, don’t do that.”

“That’s MY foot!”

Smilin’ Zuke.

Snoozin’ Ambercup.

Ambercup, Calabash, Pattypan and Zuke are off today for their spays and neuter! They’ll be back home this evening, probably racing around like crazy things.


“But… we is STARVIN’, lady!”

Badger warms his belly on the bean sock.

And Skinny Pete and Combo warm themselves on the rice sock.

This is the first time I’ve used filled socks for fosters (socks stuffed with beans and/or rice, and warmed in the microwave). They love the socks so very much that I’ll definitely be using them in the future!




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10-1-15 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. How often do you reheat the socks, Robyn, and where did you hear about them?

    Good luck at the vet today, kiddos — and do make journey to and fro easy on your chauffeur!

  2. Umm, do we need to mail you all of our mateless socks so that you can add one more to the tub so poor little Petra and Combo don’t have to share a sock?? 😉

    Good luck with the snips and nips Squashies!!!

    • Serious, making warming socks would be a great, easy way of making making kitties in need a bit more comfy. Inexpensive too, so the sock could go with them when they find their forever home. I might see if one of my local shelters is interested.

  3. Oh, I just re-read the Catpranos post! Still hilarious!!! And my new favorite expressions is “Look at me when I’m refusing to look at you, you grinning moronic MF!” 😀

  4. Oh, my. I been reading you for ages, and always re-read the links to annual posts at the end. I some how missed this episode of The Catpranos. The best part is the ending…LOL. You are brilliant.

  5. You can tell how much those babies love the beans/rice socks, cuz they are always on them!!! 🙂

  6. Holy crap. That picture of Badger and Co. in the bathtub insisting they be starvin’, lady, just made this *multiple swear words* day all.freakin’.better.

    Smiling Zuke looks like your teacher listening to your lame excuse for not handing in your report. Again.