9-26-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!)

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Put your tongue back in your mouth, kid. It’s gonna dry out! #Combo #BeeBees #tinytongue #housepanther

“Cool story, bro.” #Badger #BeeBees #CoolStoryBroTellItAgain

#Combo + rice sock = true luv (and a warm belly and toes). #BeeBees #housepanther

“Guys, it’s ALMOST #naptime!” #Ambercup #HasAnOpinionAndIsntAfraidToShareIt #TheSquashBugs

#SleepySunday #naptime #Ambercup #TheSquashBugs

#SleepySunday #Zuke #housepanther #TheSquashBugs

These girls are out cold! #SleepySunday #naptime #Pattypan #Torres #Calabash #TheSwimBugs

It’s been a particularly tiring day, apparently. #SleepySunday #naptime #Spitz #TheSwimmers

#SleepySunday #Calabash #toeses #TheSquashBugs

I swear I’m going to squeeze this little muffin ’til the marshmallow fluff leaks out his ears. #squeeze #Combo #housepanther #BeeBees

“Holy crap, what is THAT?!” #Combo #toeses #ToeBeans #BeeBees #housepanther

Her face is cracking me UP. #Pattypan #TheSquashBugs #SmugLittleSchemer

Seesters. #Pattypan #Calabash #TheSquashBugs

Bloop. #SkinnyPete #BeeBees #housepanther #tinytongue

Cartoonishly adorable, with those sparse white eyebrows. #Combo #BeeBees #housepanther #AndThenIKissedHim

“THIS BED IS TOO COMFY AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO SLEEP THE DAY AWAY AND I GOTS STUFF TO DOOOOO.” #WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten

“I ONLY GET TWO SNACKS A DAY* AND I AM BUT A WEE STARVING BABYKITTEH.” #WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten *she has kibble available at all times, she is NOT starving.

“I HATE IT WHEN THEY CALL IT ‘HUMPDAY’!” ##WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten

“THIS SELFIE IS BLURRY, I NEED A BETTER CAMERAAAAA!” #WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten

“I WANNA LISTEN TO @taylorswift , AND #Calabash KEEPS CHANGING IT TO NICKELBACK AND THEN I HAVE TO BITE HER ON THE BUTT!” #WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #BitersGonnaBiteBiteBiteBiteBite #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten

“I AM SO TIRED, BUT EVERY TIME I START TO FALL ASLEEP I SEE DONALD TRUMP’S HAIR AND IT SCARES ME AWAAAAAKE!” #WednesdayWoes #AmbercupHasAComplaint #Wahhhdnesday #TheSquashBugs #FosterKitten

#Combo has found that #Badger makes a very comfy bed. #BeeBees #housepanther

#Dennis gets touchy about having his space invaded by #Pattypan. #TheSquashBugs #StrangerDanger

NOT proper #naptime etiquette, kids. #Louganis #Spitz #Zuke #Calabash #TheSwimBugs


And a little extra!

Ambercup looks like she’s ready to smack me in the face.

Combo’s all “Oh, this is cool. I have a leg. I bet I’m gonna do lots of cool stuff with this leg and these pointy things on the end.”


Milk on his face/ big disgrace/ waving his whiskers all over the place
Singing: Ba-ba, ba-ba, BA-BA! ::clap::stomp::


Skinny Pete is utterly amazed by, well, just about EVERYTHING.

So much love for a nice warm rice sock.

It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture, but Skinny Pete had such a good latch going on that the sides of the bottle were sucked in. I love it when they do that.

It’s a Spitzy in a basket.

And a sound-asleep Spitzy.

Combo and that tongue. He sure does crack me up!


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9-26-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!) — 16 Comments

  1. Oh those BeeBees can’t be for real. Combo’s little tongue, the teeny tiny teeth breaking through, Skinny Pete and his bottle (which is an amazingly cute shot of an amazingly cute kitten taken from a different vantage), and his half-on/half-off his rice pillow, and Badger, just being, well Badger.

    And nap time with the squishy Squashbugs/Swimmers? I’d never leave the room. How did the visit with Uncle Dennis go?

    • It went okay. They met him one evening last week, and got all floofy. This time around the visit was quick and he wanted back through the screen door pretty quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So many adorable — and lucky — little characters on show. And thanks for “Milk on his face/ big disgrace/ waving his whiskers all over the place/ Singing: Ba-ba, ba-ba, BA-BA! ::clap::stomp::!”

  3. OMG, I am SO in love with Badger. Oh, and those pics of sleeping Squashbugs and Swimmers? For the love of God, Robyn, can you not find a way to help those poor kittehs RELAX????? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. So many adorable babies! The SwimBugs are all of a sudden getting long and lanky. I love, love, love Ambercup’s complaints. Precious house panthers, collect ’em all.

  5. Robyn, you crack me UP!! Using Queen’s song for sweet Badger’s milk face…I’m still laughing!

  6. I laughed until I wheezed at the Ambercup complaint series. Also, I want Spitz and a human sized rice sock.

  7. I know this probably isn’t the best post to comment this on, but I need some assistance…

    I have 3 cats (Bella, Ash, and Rose) who’ve all been with me for a while, and an older Shih-Tsu Poodle dog named Zippy. Almost two weeks ago, my grandmother and I decided to foster a younger (2-3 year old) Pitbull mix who’s name is also Bella. She’s highly interested in the 3 cats, but they seem to be terrified of her. I can’t figure out how to get them used to her and to feel comfortable around her, and I’m not sure what to do… I was hoping someone would be able to make some suggestions on what to do?? I want to hopefully add her to our family permanently because she’s a major sweetheart, but if the cats can’t coexist with her like she wants to coexist with them, we can’t keep her, because the cats have been here longer and take precedence and I could never re-home them

    • make sure the cats have places to observe the dog that the dog can’t get to. Cat trees, shelves, a table, gated off areas, etc.. The cats need to gain self confidence around the dog as well, so always side with the cats whenever there is an altercation even if you think the cats ‘started it’ If cats act like prey the dogs will treat them like prey..

      • I concur. Also, do NOT leave them alone unsupervised until there is 100% trust. You don’t want to come home to a hurt cat – or worse.

  8. That picture of Spitz snoozin’ away on the folded-up blanket? Makes me think of a feline version of Princess and the Pea…

    It’s a rough, rough life.

  9. You, your camera, your words and your babies make me smile every day ๐Ÿ˜€ Ambercup and Combo are just ridiculous! Thanks so much for the smiles ๐Ÿ˜€