9-28-16 Wednesday

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Darry, keeping an eye on me. Or on something, anyway. Isn’t he a pretty boy?

Sodapop, laying atop the fleece bed, kneading and purring. Isn’t HE a pretty boy?

“I thought I was a pretty boy, lady.” You are, Ponyboy. You really, really are.

Two-Bit is smugly certain that he’s a pretty boy, also. (He’s right!)

Hemlock (also a pretty boy!) supervises the brudderly tussling.

Juniper (NOT a pretty boy – but a very pretty girl, obviously), protecting her favorite silvervine kick toy while Hemlock watches more brudderly tussling.

I scrubbed down the foster room yesterday and brought out the couch. Ponyboy approved!

So did Hemlock – but then, Hemlock’s seen it before.

Sodapop will check out the couch later, thank you.

“Halp!” It looks like Two-Bit is snuggling with Sodapop, but in actuality, he was biting Sodapop’s neck. Sodapop eventually got away.

Yesterday morning, we locked all 6 of the kittens in the bathroom, and I scrubbed down the foster room – tossed the litter, cleaned the litter boxes, mopped and steam-cleaned the floors, replaced all the bedding and the quilt I use as a rug. It took me about 2 hours, but that room was super duper clean when I was done. It stayed clean for most of the afternoon, but then someone loaded up their secret pockets with litter and scattered it all over the place. You just can’t have anything nice – OR clean – with kittens around!


Video! How DOES that cube end up traveling all over the foster room? It’s a mystery.

YouTube link


I tried to crop this picture down, but it got too grainy. The look on her face and those Ears of Extreme Annoyance are cracking me UP. I sure do love that Sheriff Mama and her stern little face.


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9-28-16 Wednesday — 15 Comments

  1. Uh oh, someone’s getting a ticket! And if those ears are anything to go by, a court summons to go with it! yikes!

    Know what caught my eye in that cube video? The kitten in the mirror! Someone, can’t tell who, is very interested in what’s going on with that cube!

  2. In the “Hemlock supervises brutherly tussling) picture, does Ponyboy have Two-Bit’s ENTIRE HEAD in his mouth??????

    • A couple of the current bunch are litter kickers, too – I’m managing to keep it mostly contained by using rugs in the closet, where the litter boxes are, but someone got past the rugs yesterday. The little sneak!

  3. I was wondering, what type of steam mop do you use on your hardwood floors? I have been wanting to get one, but I wasn’t sure how well they work.

    • It’s a Bissell Powerfresh steam mop – this one. I got it at Amazon, but you might be able to find it at Walmart or Target. It’s easy to use, and I think it does a great job!

  4. Y’know, normally my head would be utterly turned by all that ornj, but Hemlock’s goofy little face still owns me.

    Robyn, I have a question for the collective. My Henry has fur that gets super staticky in the winter. Can anyone recommend a pet-friendly anti-static lotion or something I can use? Things that don’t come in spray bottles are preferred. My vet was entirely unhelpful on this front. Thank you!