9-27-16 Tuesday

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Two-Bit does a little dance while Darry looks on disapprovingly.

Darry can’t help himself, he’s got to run over and give that feather teaser a smack.

The four brudders.

(Most of these pictures were taken last week, before Hemlock and Juniper joined the gang.)

“I’ve got it!” says Sodapop.

“NO, I’VE GOT IT!” says Two-Bit.

“Look! LOOK! I’ve GOT IT!”

“I didn’t get it.”

“::sigh:: THESE idiots,” says Darry.

Same feather teaser, different day. Hemlock’s got it!

Juniper keeps watch from a safe spot.

Pretty Hemlock. He and Juniper LOVE that window bed.


Video! Brudderly love. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

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Maxi’s stomping over for a pettin’. She always looks so serious, but she’s really such a sweetheart.


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  1. I love the eyes on the Greasers. And the stripes on Sodapop. I am not familiar with the source of the names and for some reason I am having a tough time remembering them. I may have to resort to using Fred’s names for them.

          • Horrific movie, totally stripped out the soul/inner voice of the book. “Do it for Johnny”

            However, Coppela redeemed himself with Rumblefish. Then Dillion completed the Hinton trifecta with Tex.

            • ahhhh, yes… the historical progression of my love for Matt Dillon… on another track was My Bodyguard (not so cute there) and Little Darlings with Kristy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal… yes, I once had it as bad as a 13/14 yr old could have it for Matt Dillon hehe whoops, I thought this was my therapist’s blog. 🙂

  2. I think Two-Bit has single-handly (single-pawedly?) revived the Macarena.
    But I’m really here to share my shitty day with those who will (I hope) both commiserate and laugh with me.
    The background: Sophie is 17 1/2, and has been blessed with good health outside from a few uti/bladder issues. She’s also always been on the small side – around 7 lbs in her prime, down to 6 pounds the last few years. She seemed like she was loosing weight, stopped eating her kibble, and was being picky about canned food (and even chicken and gravy baby food. I tried making her homemade chicken baby food, but she decided that was too inexpensive and plebian for her fine self). She’s also started pooping more outside the litter box more often than in, but she’d gotten to the point of generally pooping in one of three designated, easy to clean places (and a shout-out to Robyn for cluing me in to washable pee pads!!) But lately she’d started pooping all over the place again.
    So, off we went to the vet last Friday for $400 of tests and general poking around.
    Results: a heart murmur that wasn’t there in January, early stages of renal disease/failure, and hyperthyroidism. So she goes in to become radioactive in October, and started renal food – which she’s eating like a champ. Which means she’s pooping 4 times a day. And you can see where this is going…
    So – my shitty day: I wake up late (of course) to find that Sophie’s had the runny poops all over my comforter, with a small sample of solid poop on my bottom sheet to show, I suppose, that things are improving in that department. And more in the bathroom, some of which has managed to harden onto my baseboard and door stop. So I race around cleaning it up and starting a load of laundry with bleach and a soak cycle. I get home to find poop on the (washable-as is every fabric item in my house except my actual mattress – oops, that’s foreshadowing!) bathroom rug, mostly on the fringe so it can be on the floor as well. So I move the morning load to the dryer and clean up the rug. Decide I might as well do another load so I go in to get my top sheet and pillow case. And notice a spot on my mattress pad. No biggie, that can go in the load as well. I take that off and notice that there’s a pee stain on my mattress cover. Grrr. So I take that off (more complicated because the zipper only on one end. fortunately it’s a twin bed), thinking I should probably lock Sophie out of the bedroom until things are back together. Just as this thought floats through my brain, I look up and (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) there’s Sophie in the middle of a runny poop ON MY VIRGIN MATTRESS!! I grab her and put her on the floor, enabling her to also get the runny poops on my hitherto unscathed pillow case. I clean THAT up (although the top of my mattress will never be entirely the same) and finally get the second load of laundry started. And then I decided it was entirely reasonable to have a large adult beverage, even though it’s just limeade and tequila because I was too lazy to stop for Triple Sec on the way home.
    The good news is she’s not allowed to surf the net, so she never saw Rhyme’s message to cats about the runny poops, and she didn’t know she could kick her feet and scatter it all over the place. That’s a consolation I’ll happily take.
    Thanks for listening. I’m going to go drink now.

    • Oh no! My late Baal was 15 when he got the runnies before he was diagnosed with cancer. I was constantly cleaning poop everywhere before we got it semi under control with meds. So yes, I can sympathize and it is adult beverage time for you!! Hugs to you and Sophie!

    • Sending hugs. That is a crappy day! Drink up. Do consider confining her to an easily cleanable area. Also, maybe pick up a cheap shower curtain to put over the top of your bed. Just a thought.

      However, I feel obligated to toss in that radioactive iodine treatment (for the thyroid issue) may shut down kidneys that are in renal failure. Please please talk to your vet about this. I could not treat my kitty for this reason and ended up giving her daily thyroid medicine. That was better than a dead kitty.

      • Thanks. I did talk to my vet, and the renal issue is still fairly mild while there was concern that if Sophie reacted to the pills she would show it by vomiting, which she already does on a regular basis so I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was the pills. So we decided the radioactive iodine was the best choice. But I really appreciate that you pointed that out.
        The shower curtain’s one idea I hadn’t thought of (I pretty much keep pee pads everywhere) – thank you! That would be a lot easier to clean.
        I also now plan to try retraining her for pooping in the litter box. I’d put it off when she was just pooping once a day and it was manageable (and I knew I’d get the terrible guilts for leaving her alone all day), but it’s clearly time to make that effort.

        • Good to hear. They told me that if she (my kitty) went into fatal renal failure, she would be “hot” and they would not be able to help her. That was back in 2003, so I am assuming they have improved their methods over the years. It was a 2 hr drive and $800 for them to tell me that they could not help her.

          I also think that the shower curtain is not something a kitty would use the restroom on. If she doesn’t ever go on your bed again once you put it on, perhaps you could cut up other cheap ones (hello. Walmart) and fit it into areas that require help, also. It is something that you could easily walk on, etc. Not the most beautiful, I admit, but sometimes who cares. You should have seen my tin foil wrapped Ming tree! LOL

          Sending you tons of best wishes!

          • Thanks! I’m currently wondering if she’s even aware of where she is when she’s pooping, but I’ve got a few old shower curtain liners I can try.
            And I’ve already “cat-proofed” my house with all vinyl floors and nothing without slipcovers, so a few shower curtains scattered about will fit right in with my decor 🙂