9-26-16 Monday

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Sodapop, just chillin’ atop the scratcher.

And Sodapop, hissing at Hemlock. (That picture is from Friday, when tensions were still high in the foster room.)

Juniper, keeping an eye on those BOYS.

Hemlock, doing the same.

Ponyboy, watching Juniper.

Hemlock is a wild man when it comes to the feather teaser.

Kathie passed along a couple of these little cat tree/condos (one is downstairs, where Jake will occasionally use it). The kittens hadn’t used it much until now, but suddenly Darry discovered the mouse. RIP dangly mouse, I’m sure Darry will have you ripped down in no time.

Sodapop. I love the spotted belly and the teef.

Two-Bit wants to be friends with Hemlock and Hemlock wants to be friends with Two-Bit. They’re getting there.

Things have calmed down in the foster room. Juniper is still hissing at everyone, but all the boys are starting to be friends. At one point, Two-Bit sauntered up to Juniper and they sniffed noses for a good long time before Juniper hissed.

On Saturday, Kristen, Arwen and Joe, who adopted Periwinkle and Patches (formerly Bert Macklin and Art Vandelay) stopped by to see the kittens. The Greasers pretty much wanted to do nothing but sleep, but Arwen tracked down Hemlock in the closet and brought him out. He ran back into the closet to hide, but then came back out (I think we lured him out with the feather teaser). Then Arwen brought Juniper out of the closet, and Juniper immediately NOPEd right back into the closet. A few minutes later, she came back out and spent most of the time hanging out in the room with us. I was positive that she’d hide the entire time, and she surprised me. Good for her (and Arwen, who was clearly too interesting to be missed)!

By the time they left, Darry was getting a bit flirty with Kristen. When I went back upstairs an hour later to see what the kittens were doing, they were all passed out and stayed that way for most of the afternoon.


Video! Juniper was hanging out in the pink cube and heard Ponyboy playing with the Bergan turbo track. She POP!ed out of the cube and ran over to play – then after some consideration, had to hiss at Ponyboy. She’s gotta let him know her opinion, y’know?

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Newt wonders, “Did I hear someone say ‘snack time’?”


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9-26-16 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. always find it interesting to see what kittens do in different situations – they can be SO bold in the foster room and big chickens when people show up or they go somewhere 🙂

  2. So cute how Ponyboy couldn’t care less that she hisses at him. He’s all I’ma gonna keep on playing no matter what.

  3. Regarding those four brothers? Were the two short tails born that way? I ask because our vet says Captain Hook has had broken legs and tail. Makes me angry. My daughter adopts cats who are going to be put down, but we didn’t know about Hook’s problems.

    • Yes, we believe they were born that way.

      Poor Hook. 🙁

      (And your daughter is wonderful to adopt at-risk cats. Hook ended up in a fantastic home!)