9-25-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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#Ponyboy will walk from brother to brother, presenting his ears for cleaning, until someone – usually #TwoBit – gives in. So sweet!!!

#Sodapop fits in that curve of the scratcher perfectly.

Laying in wait. #GonnaGetYou #Ponyboy

“Pardon us, lady, we is having a discussion about you. You go ‘way.” #BrudderlyLove #Ponyboy #Sodapop

#Sodapop appears to have captured your #heart.

#TwoBit is a big fan of the Turbo Track.

Halloooo, laydeez.” #Sodapop

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A little of the ol’ #BrudderlyLove

Watching you. #Darry

“MINE.” #Sodapop

So. Much. LOVE. (This time, Sodapop gets involved!)

Would you care for a bowl of #Darry?

Well, this seems comfy. #Sodapop

#TwoBit staring off into space, havin’ a think.

Y’all better sleep with one eye open, is all I’m sayin’. #ornj #TwoBit #Darry

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Turn up your volume, sit back, and let #Ponyboy lull you to sleep.

The boys are off for their neutering today! They wouldn’t pose nicely for me this morning because they are brats.

“But… I don’t WANNA be tutored, I’m already super smart!” #neuteriscuter

I can’t get them to look at me (that seems to be my theme today!), but look who’s back with us for a week or so! It’s #Juniper and #Hemlock of #TheEvergreens They’re in the room with #TheGreasers, who are still a bit dopey from their neuter surgeries, but otherwise doing fine.

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Whole lotta hissing and growling going on in the foster room this morning. #TwoBit is hissing at everyone, #Juniper is hissing at everyone, and #Hemlock is hissing at everyone but Juniper. #Ponyboy and #Sodapop just want everyone to get along – and #Darry is ignoring them all. They’re all very interested in each other, despite the hissy growlies, especially Hemlock and TwoBit. (If you missed it, Juniper and Hemlock are back with us for a little while and sharing a room with the Greasers.)

#Hemlock and #TwoBit, playing together, kinda. Still plenty of hissing, but it’s more half-hearted. It’s a start!

#Sodapop wandered a little too close, and #Juniper warned him off. His appalled “SUCH language!” face is killing me dead.

On yer porch, drinkin’ yer waters. #KnockKnockMotherClucker #CarlaMae #ChickenEscapee

Fred posted this on Facebook (after editing it to make it family-friendly) and said: One of our fosters airing it out. His name is “the orange one with a tail.”
(Ponyboy, FYI)

#Hemlock contemplates making friends with #TwoBit, #Ponyboy and #Sodapop. #WhyCantWeBeFriends

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#Hemlock got a little too pushy and #TwoBit had to tell him how it IS. Didn’t faze Hemlock one tiny bit! #Evergreens #TheGreasers #WhyCantWeBeFriends

#Sodapop has a monster crush on #Juniper. Juniper might have a tiny crush on #Ponyboy (but she hisses at all of them, just to be safe). #DramaInTheKittenRoom

#Hemlock reports that his integration is moving along. Sooner or later, those boys (especially #TwoBit) will give in! #ImGonnaMakeYouLoveMe


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9-25-16 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. It seems like Darry is kind of a loner. Does he do as much interacting with the other kittens as they seem to interact with one another?

    • He does interact with them a lot – it just makes him nervous when I’m in the room, and he tends to watch from a distance. Once I leave, he’s generally right in the middle of their shenanigans.