9-23-16 Friday

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Hey! Remember how, back in January, we got a pregnant calico kitty, and we named her Kokomo? This is what she looked like back then.

And she kept getting bigger, and I was all “Koko! Give us those babies!” and she was all “What babies?” and I was all “Koko, you goof. Give us the babies!”

And she said “No, seriously. WHAT babies?” So I took her to the vet, and the vet checked her over and was like “Well… I don’t know. I don’t feel anything, but… maybe?”

Then a few days later, Koko WENT INTO HEAT, and I was all “Oh, lord. Why?”, then I took her for an ultrasound to be super sure she wasn’t pregnant, and she wasn’t, and she said “Told you!”

Remember that? Well, we got an update on that sweet girl! She went off to Petsmart and was snatched up after only a few days. She went home with Rachael and joined a family that included a big brother Pong. They’re not BFFs, but they get along okay for the most part.

Rachael wrote up a WONDERFUL description of Koko, and sent lots of great pictures. I’m sharing a few of them below, but go on over to the Challenger’s House Facebook page to see more pictures, and read the full awesome description.

Goofy girl.

Kittehs with attitude.

Sweet girl!

I love the size difference.

Now go on over to Facebook and check out the pictures and description of that sweet girl. She looks so happy!

(Thanks Rachael, for allowing us to share!)


So where did the new basket come from? the one in the image of Two-Bit.

That was on the Winnie’s Wish Insta-Auction, and I bid and won it. Andrea hand-made it, I believe!


From Michelle: Hi Robyn, a question for you and your readers: Both of my cats have had urinary issues (one had urinary crystals and the other had a bladder stone which required surgery) when they were fed Blue wet and dry food. They are now on prescription Royal Canin Urinary SO wet and dry food (and I put a little filtered water on top, and encourage them to drink the filtered water from their multiple bowls, etc. etc.). But the SO food is expensive, not popular with my one cat, and might not be effective (what it says on the bag of food!). I’m not sure if I should continue with the SO food and see if it works (it has been about 6 months) or if there are better alternatives. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Connie posted a link to her post about this very issue (thanks, Connie!) If anyone else would like to weigh in, please do!


I could just sit and take pictures of Two-Bit all day long. He is such a little poser!

“What UP, laydeez?”

Such a FLIRT.

Two-Bit batting at the toy on the wall, Sodapop casually walking around with a toy mouse. Silly boys!

I feel like Darry’s always keeping an eye on me.

Every time I hang that toy up, Two-Bit’s gotta stomp over and pull it down.

Ponyboy, keeping an eye on things.

If you look closely, you can see that Darry has a dribble of orange on his chin. I love that.

Sodapop’s all “Why you not sitting down, lady?”

Ponyboy likes to keep an eye on the feather teaser from a distance. I mean, he’ll smack at it if it comes close, but he doesn’t chase after it.

The boys came through their neuter surgeries just fine. They were still sleepy and dopey when I got them home, and they spent the evening snoozing. Every now and then they’d wake up and stare in confusion at the new (to them) guys, who you’ll recognize…


And Juniper!

They’ll be back here with us for about a week (they were having litter box issues which are easily fixed), and then will head on back to Petsmart.

They both seem a little puzzled – like they VAGUELY remember being here, but aren’t quite sure. As of bedtime last night, they were both hissing and growling at the Greasers (and Sodapop was growling back), but Hemlock seems interested in them, too. If you recall, Juniper was a hissy little thing when she was introduced to Privet and then to Hemlock, so I think in a few days, they’ll be playing like they were always BFFs. Or at least tolerating each other!


Archie the Grouch.


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  1. Hee hee, Darry standing in the picture where you mention he has some orange dribble on his wee chin looks like he’s at the counter of a fast-food restaurant placing an order – “I’ma have…a #5 super-sized, wait no, ooo, make that a #3! I haven’t had that in AGES. And yeah, super-sized with uh…root beer.”

  2. KOKO! Such a pretty girl, that one. So happy to see her doing well and being loved by her new family. Big brother Pong will not resist her charms for much longer, I’m sure!

  3. Oh, Kokomo – one of my favorites!! LOVE the update!

    Aren’t you worried that the Greasers will catch whatever the Evergreens might have? Are you treating them too?

  4. I still think that Koko is the most beautiful Calico I’ve seen!! Her colors are so vibrant!! Happy she has a happy home!

  5. Poor KoKo, she’s so skinny!

    Seriously though, I love happy endings and lots of warm laps for naps.

  6. Michelle, If you’re interested in an alternative to the prescription food for your kitty getting urinary crystals…. We were initially prescribed Hills CD (or SD) for this, but were never happy paying $80 for a bag of food, especially when it contained such CRAP. Reading the ingredients, it’s just a ton of byproducts and chemicals and grains, very little real meat. Since the problem for our cat was that his urine was not acidic enough when eating “regular” food, we switched him back to a regular, high-quality food (wet food, to keep him as hydrated as possible) and he gets a dietary supplement each day. Look for “Methioform” which is DL-Methionine in a chewable tablet, this gets metabolized in such a way that the urine is acidified. We tested out the dose over the first few months with a couple of urinalyses at the Vet to make sure we had dialed in the right amount, and since then our cat has been fine. Highly recommend going this type of route instead of the super-expensive, poor-quality ingredient “prescription” food. Note: the “active” ingredient in Hills CD is just extra methionine, so we were very confident in our plan! The Vet also OKed our plan but gave us what they had in stock, methionine formulated in a gel. Our cat would never eat the gel, and the gel is almost entirely corn syrup which doesn’t seem to me like a good thing for a cat anyway, so we tracked down the chewable tablets online. Good luck!!