9-23-15 Wednesday

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A few nights ago, I was up late and I stumbled across this post from 10 years ago, wherein I introduced the litter that included Tommy (then Barrett) and Sugarbutt (then Sad Eyes) (I did not name this litter). I sent the link to Fred, because I couldn’t believe it’s been 10 years.

Fred pointed out this paragraph:

The other day Fred and I discussed the fact that we don’t have nearly enough carriers for the number of cats that we have. If, god forbid, we needed to evacuate, there’s no way on earth we could fit all four of our cats in the one cardboard carrier we have. So Saturday, knowing that I was going to need a decent carrier on Sunday anyway, I went to the pet store and bought a carrier with a door in the front AND a door in the top. I’m going to buy one more at a point in the near future, so that we’ll have three carriers. We can put Spot in one, Miz Poo in one, and Mister Boogers and Spanky in one.

First of all: “all four of our cats” made me laugh. Second of all: you can barely go two feet in this house without stumbling over a carrier now, so I think we’re ALL SET.


Calabash isn’t sure about you.

Neither is Louganis.

Sleepy kitten puddle.

“Hey! Outta the way! You’re ruining a perfectly good selfie!” (Zuke in the back, Torres in the front.)

Spitz senses danger…

in the form of Calabash!

Let the butt-biting commence.

Phelps (yellow collar) and Torres (pink), keeping an eye on me.

The Swimmers got their vaccination shots last night, which means that they’re three weeks from being old enough for their spay and neuters/ID chips/rabies shots, and available for adoption. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

I haven’t made the appointment yet, but the Squash Bugs will be going for their spays and neuter next week.


I have a rice sock and a bean sock in the tub, both of which I warm up in the microwave after every feeding, and the kittens LOVE them, especially Combo (as you can see).

“Hey! Lady! Get over here and feed me!” (Skinny Pete)

“Meeeee toooooo!”

Badger’s “And I mean it!” face.

Combo waits patiently for his bottle.


Maxi certainly does love her dust baths.


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9-23-15 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. The swimmers have grown up so, it seems like just yesterday that me and Winnie pulled them out of a pudding in the pouring rain. you and Fred are
    the best


    • Sorry I meant puddle not pudding, it was Raining real hard and they where drowning and I called Kathy and Winnie came to the rescue, we got all four kitten to a dry place and then Robin bless her heart took them.

    • Those kittens are so lucky that you realized there was a problem and saved them! (And they are the sweetest kittens ever, I swear. 🙂 )

  2. I’ve never been flooded, but my house is in a flood prone area. I have emergency transportation plans for every animal on the place because it breaks my heart, whenever there’s a situation, to see the animals that are left behind. In our recent fires people left horses because they didn’t even own a trailer, or they’d never taught the animal to load in one. In the Amador fire, volunteers quickly organized and formed trailer brigades, so they managed to save a lot. But I’d personally never forgive myself if I pulled away from this place and left anything to drown or burn. The hardest part is keeping enough carriers for all the chickens, and making sure that before the flood season starts I don’t have more chickens than carriers.

    • Can you use a pillowcase as an emergency chicken carrier? I have heard that’s an option for cats at least. They may not like it but they can be carried without suffocating or getting away.

      I can’t imagine evacauating without my cats, either. My fear is that something happens and I am not home, or if there is a tornado and I have to head for the basement. I just hope the cats are smart enough to head there too.

      • If Robyn and Fred ever had to evacuate, they’d need LOTS of leadtime…or many hands to help. And a bus.

  3. Today is one of those days I’m sorry I can’t post on Facebook — Ambercup’s expression with the Donald Trump comment is cracking me up!

  4. I don’t even want to admit how many carriers I have in my house.. lets just say half of the house could burn down and I’d still have enough carriers..

  5. What is funny to me, I remember that post from 10 years ago-because after I read it I told my husband “we need another carrier!”. We only had two cats at the time, but they would have been squished in the one we had.

    We live in a very earthquake prone area, so it was a good reminder!