9-22-15 Tuesday

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Today I have for you pictures of every single foster kitten in this house! I know that not every kitten is represented every day, but today they are, from the oldest litter to the youngest.

The Squash Bugs, 10 1/2 weeks old:

Calabash from the side.

And Calabash from the front. (If I’d really been thinking, I’d have gotten a picture of the upside-down heart near her tail!)

Pattypan. Doesn’t she look serious?

Pattypan from the side. I love her colors.

Ambercup (love those whiskers!)

A little more of Ambercup (I couldn’t get her to stand sideways for me).

Zuke from the front.

Zuke from the side. His stripes are usually more apparent than that, but it wasn’t a sunny day (what was I thinking?)

The Swimmers, 9 weeks old:

Louganis, refusing to look at me.

And Louganis from the side, all “What? I’m LOOKING! Jeez, lady.”

Phelps, staring off into space (or watching the feather teaser, maybe).

Phelps from the side, checking out the top of the scratching post.

Spitz is all “Are we done yet?”

Spitz, tail and all.

Torres, from the front, feelin’ skeptical.

Torres, wondering just how hard I’m going to wave that feather teaser.

The BeeBees, 3 weeks old:

Skinny Pete, helping me out by holding onto the bottle with both paws (perhaps he was afraid it was going to go somewhere).

Combo, holding on with one paw. By the way, I figured out how to tell Skinny Pete from Combo: Combo has a sprinkling of white hairs on his face and Skinny Pete doesn’t. (I used to tell them apart because Skinny Pete was so much bigger, but Combo is catching up!)

Badger trusts that I know what I’m doing with that bottle, and he doesn’t need to hold onto it.


Video! We’ve spotted the rare KittenTurtle – who then emerges from his shell! This only happens once every 15 years, so you’d better check it out.

YouTube link.


I swear, I find Newt in the weirdest and least comfortable-looking places, all squished up and sound asleep. Last week, I thought I was going crazy because I could HEAR a cat snoring, but couldn’t find the source of the sound. There were NO cats anywhere in the computer room. After two days of this, I finally found Newt in the tiny bathroom off the computer room, crammed behind a bucket of litter, snoring his fool head off.


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9-22-15 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. Calabash seems pretty proud of herself for exposing that box turtle kitty. I like the wee look she gives you when the task is complete. And, as she walks away with her tail in the air, I have to say, she’s got a cute little butt!

  2. No surprise that the Newtles is a snorer. 🙂 What a sweet photo.

    Is kitty-snoring the best sound in the world, or what? Especially purr-snoring… so comforting. But I wonder if it’s annoying to other feline nappers, like geez, dude, please go sleep somewhere else!

  3. OMG that video. XD I’m betting you walked in to find that and suddenly it’s OMG WHERE THE HECK IS MY VIDEO CAMERA DON’T STOP BEING FUNNY AND CUTE!

    Been there.