9-21-15 Monday

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We have a NorbDate!

For the newer readers, a NorbDate is an update on the former foster known as Norbie; he was a tiny little just-born kitten orphaned the very same day that our foster mama kitty Khaleesi was having kittens, and we slipped him in there while she was in labor. She was a little weirded out, but she was a sweet girl and cared for him as though he were her own.

One of my favorite Norbie pics, taken when he was about a month old:

Yesterday marked two years since Norbie went home to Chicago with Kirsten – and here he is now.

Pretty boy.

“Who, me?”

Yes, you Norbert.

One of the few times I’ve captured some semi-annoyance.

Momma’s boy – he doesn’t do this very often anymore, so when he does, I savor it.

And his favorite sleeping position remains what I call “Airing it all out.”

Gratuitous housemate shot. Riley – grumpy gus of the house. Hates Norbie with a fiery passion. But altercations have dropped to a couple a month.

Claudette, benevolent auntie to Norbie. Occasional grooming and racing through the apartment.

Thank you so much for the update, Kirsten. You know we love seeing his sweet face! (I just cannot believe it’s been two years!)


“Ess-SCUSE me, am hungry! Gimme my bottle, lady!” Combo’s always got a lot to say.

Badger comes motoring over to see if it’s time to eat yet.

Skinny Pete waits quietly for his turn.

“I am gonna FADE away to NOTHIN’!” (Combo)

A post-bottle Badger, waving his feet around.

These guys are now three weeks old. They’re eating well and gaining weight, but all three of them are having poop issues (I won’t go into details, but Badger’s back end is so red and sore it makes me hurt to look at it). They’re on medication and soothing back-end ointments, and hopefully things will turn around soon. They’re bright-eyed and energetic (I mean, when they’re not sound asleep in a pile), so I’m not too worried about them.

One more week and I’ll be putting a litter box in the tub with them and start offering them canned food!


I bought this set of wings at Petsmart last week, because they made me laugh. Stefan reminds me of The Rock in Tooth Fairy. Those are Fred’s hands over there by the side of the bed. Stefan kept flopping over in response to the weight of the wings on his back, and Fred worried that he’d go tumbling off the side of the bed.

The kittens were not sure what to think of Stefan.

Fred took the wings off Stefan, and Stefan stayed where he was. He was okay with two kittens sniffing him.

Zuke, however, was not thrilled about this interloper.

Stefan was all “How YOU doin’?” to Torres.

Then a flood of kittens came toward him…

And he was not having it.

Pattypan was all “Mister, I am gonna mess you up so bad.”

Pattypan and Calabash hissed at Stefan.

Then they hissed at each other.

Stefan vamoosed to the far side of the bed, and had to be coaxed back over so that Fred could carry him back downstairs.

And Louganis was all “WHAT the WHAT happened here?!”


Video: the BeeBees want their bottle. NOW. You won’t see much of Skinny Pete, but Combo’s front and center and does a flip at the end.

YouTube link.


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9-21-15 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhh Norbie! He (and his story) always had my heart! Thank you for the update! Awwww Stefan, so cute with the wings, thank you for posing! Who’da thunk a TON of kittens would descend on you all at once? Kittens can be like that. Don’t worry, we still love our normally laid back, too cool for the fray mancat that you are! Those bottle babies are adorable, the SwimBugs are adorable, Stefan is adorable, and Norbie is (still) adorable! Happy Monday, ya’ll!

  2. Yay for Norbie! Still a cutie-patootie! I’ve always loved his little white tippy toes!

    That reference to The Rock’s Tooth Fairy cracked me up (I enjoyed that movie). Stefan is so funny with his different facets: stoner kitty, extreme napper, Archie-hater, costume tolerator, kitten-biter, etc.

    He’s like “Look, I’ll do whatever I gotta do to live here, but that’s just too many kittens, lady!”

  3. Awww, Norbs!!!

    OK, I have to admit: When I saw Stefan’s “winged” pic on Fred’s FB page — I nearly had a heart attack! I was all like, “NO! NOT AGAIN!!! NOT STEFAN!!!” SO glad to discover he was wearing the wings and they didn’t “mean” anything! 🙂

  4. Norbie is HUGE, so good to “see” him again. It’s always funny to see kittehs hissing at big cats, but you notice how the female babies are the most VICIOUS! Ha! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the Norbie update! He is a handsome mancat of course, but how can he be 2??
    Awwwww, little squeaker, hope the issues get cleared up quickly.
    And wings, and floof suits, too! Great Monday reading, thanks!!

  6. Riley is so pretty. Love his fluffy white chest and green eyes. Claudette looks like the kind of lady who enjoys a good ear rubbing.

    Norbie!! Love his semi-annoyance pic. Life is hard when you live in a Chicago luxury apartment with more cat trees/toys than I have furniture. Not to mention a loving auntie and a in-house nemesis for romping. Best of all, a loving mom who puts up with your shennanigans.

    Poor Kirsten, you must spend a lot of money on swiffers juding by the cat hair on that towel.

    Pattypan, that face is almost Archie-scary. Not really but it was a good attempt.

    • Oh, no-I gave up on the cat hair ages ago! I’m probably a bad housekeeper. The only thing that gets Swiffered is me before I walk out the door. (well, lint-rolled really.):) And thank you, my other babies are very pretty, too.

  7. You know, if I had had any room in my house for another kitty, Norbie would have been mine. I would have found a way to get him up here, so Kirsten consider yourself lucky.. cause you so are.. Goodness what an awesome kitty he grew up to being (and no way has it been two years, geeze)

    Pattypan is going to get right on cuttin that Stephan up just as soon as the other kittens get through with him.. She’s a lady like that, waiting her turn.

    Oh those hungry kittens.. feed them!!

  8. Oh Norbie! You have one of those faces that I’ll always recognize and want to kiss! 😀

    Poor BeeBee bottoms! I hope everything sorts out soon, but I know the best kitten butt expert is on the case! 😉