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So, yesterday afternoon, after lots of snuggling and kissing, I put Norbie’s harness on him, packed him in the carrier, and off we went to the shelter. Where we met up with his Mom, the paperwork was signed, the last kiss was given, and that silly, sweet boy has gone to Chicago to live! Yep, his Mom is a Love & Hisses reader, and when she and Norbie stopped for the night she emailed to let me know that he’d done beautifully during the drive, though as you can see here he was SUPER stressed out.

Oh, Norbie. Stop stressing!

Crazy eyes!

Hopefully today’s drive will go as smoothly as yesterday’s did. I am so thrilled that Norbie is on his way home and that he is (I suspect) going to be spoiled rotten!

(Thanks for the update and pictures, Kirsten!)

Something of interest to me is that although Norbie has never been around dogs, when the two shelter dogs came sniffing around his carrier yesterday, he didn’t freak out at all. He wasn’t scared, he wasn’t frozen in terror, he didn’t floof up or hiss or growl, he just sat there in his meatloaf position and looked at them like “Yeah? So?” For that matter, Arya (who is now Daisy) reacted the same way the day she went home, didn’t stress out at all when they came over to sniff around the carrier. Maybe I need to market my fosters with “Travels well! Ain’t skeered o’ nothin’!”

PS: I have more pictures of Norbie that I’ve taken, so you’ll be seeing his sweet face for at least a few days next week!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh, these kittens.

These sweet little kittens.

And sweet, sweet Mama Livia.

“She thinks I’m SWEET! Bwahahahah!” (She is a total sweetheart, believe me.)

“Yeah, sure. We’re sweet. ::wink::” (They ARE!)

Pile o’ babies.

Someone’s always keeping an eye on me (although to be honest, I don’t think they can really focus just yet.)

Or maybe they CAN focus. What do I know?


There goes Paulie Walnuts, laughing at his own joke again.

Meadow, out cold.

Time to eat!

Carmela, from the side.

Silvio on the left, Adriana in the center, and Meadow on the right.

“We see you, lady.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is it time for a Kitten Mosh Pit video? I think it is! (It is EXHAUSTING, being that cute. You know it is!)

YouTube link.


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9-21-13 — 49 Comments

  1. OMG I loved it when two heads popped up. I thought for a second you had a two-headed kitten and did not tell us!

  2. Awwwww hooorah for gorgeous fearless Norbert! And big squeeeeee for mama Livia and her babies! Take care

  3. Norbie’s going to Chicago!! You do not even want to know how much I wanted Jon Snow to come to New York, but I talked myself out of it. Good think I didn’t know about Norbie’s adventure two weeks ago!!

    I know it is impossible and I would never wish it on Livia, but OH MY GAHD wouldn’t she and Corbie have the most luscious kittehs evah?

  4. Chicago? My Clara lives in Chicago now! Perhaps they can get together for a cup of coffee and talk about how crazy we cat people are 😉

    That Paulie Walnuts has places to go and things to do. I knew he’d be my favorite (and I just love typing in the name Paulie Walnuts… Was he a good guy or a bad guy on the show? I’m hoping lovable goofball, but considering the show was about the mob I kind of doubt it.)

    • Well, they were pretty much all bad guys, but he was definitely a lovable goofball, too. He liked to tell a joke and then IMMEDIATELY re-tell it. He always made us laugh!

    • the Paulie Walnuts name has me giggling too. My poor cat-he just got used of me calling him Bunchy (from Ray Donovan) and now I’ll be calling him Paulie Walnuts! (his official name is Sammich, but he goes by Monkey)

  5. Norbie is off to Chicago? Is this the furtherest one of your charges has traveled so far?? Congrats Kirsten and Norbert! And we know you’ll send us more updates, right?? 😉

    Kitten mosh pits…love the kitten butt on Meadow and I can’t wait to see her markings better!

  6. Paulie Walnuts is fat and looks so different to the other darker colored kittens. Plus he seems to be on the move a lot! LOL Loving the new kittehs, and so very happy for Norbie finding his furever home.

  7. I can just see my husband’s face if I said, “I’ll be back late tomorrow. I’m going to Alabama to pick up a cat.”

  8. Yay for Norbie! I’ll miss his sweet face everyday but I’m so happy for him and his new family. I think Paulie Walnuts is already my favorite in this group. Well, for today anyway.

  9. Oh the cute is killing me! I’m not sure which kitten it is, but the calico with the orange splotch on her head looks lie she’s going to be a stunner!

    • Adriana, looks like.

      I think Paulie Walnuts is going to be a character. (Who am I kidding, he’s a ginger, of /course/ he’s a character.)

  10. Paulie Walnuts, I can’t get that to roll off my tongue correctly! I keep saying Wally Peanuts! Crazy!

  11. Should do a Duck Dynasty naming theme at some point 🙂

    Also, Mama Livia sure does make some gorgeous kittens.

  12. I see Adriana’s heart in that triptych-ish picture – how adorable!!

    Sometimes a feature like that can help suggest a name, but in my case it *hindered* the naming process substantially. The little feral kitten I found on the side of the freeway has all sorts of colors and patterns going on (one vet tech said, “…is she trying to be a calitabby?” and the other said “I think she’s trying to be everything”) but most notably she has a little flame of red across her head.

    Instantly I wanted to name her Candle, but we already have a Cassie/Cass (not too close) and a Cambria/Cam (way too close). It’s hard enough to get a cat to respond to its name without having that name sound like two other housemates! So I ruled out Candle, but no matter how hard I thought, nothing else seemed to suit anywhere near as well.

    I spent a few hours online looking up synonyms and poetic references to flames, fire, candles, tapers, lanterns, etc. But the lure of specifically “Candle” was too strong to overcome until, what?, a month and a half later?, when I encountered my first new vocabulary word in as long as I can remember. Gallimaufry quickly became Maufry for short and though the vet’s office staff looks at me weird everytime I bring her in, I can’t imagine her forceful personality being reduced to or summarized by, basically, a birthmark.

    I hope Adriana’s forever home will see the adorableness of the heart on her head, but see into the heart of her personality and spirit, and fall in love with THAT heart instead.

    • And now looking at the pics on the bigger screen, I can see Adriana’s heart even better on the “keeping an eye on me” picture – don’t know how I missed it there!

  13. Meadow is officially my new favorite, after the lovely Livia. As for well-traveled Norbie, congratulations to his new mum — and thanks for the first of oodles of updates!

  14. As I was slowly scrolling through the pictures I kept thinking “kitten mosh pit” and then I get the surprise of a Kitten Mosh Pit” video !!!! Robyn you made my day !!

    I am a small person (4′ 11″) I would so fit inside that carrier and I could be at the bottom of th kitten pile !! It would be heaven !!!!

    I loved the part when Livia came up to you for lovings ! She has “SPARKLES” in her fur. absolutely gorgeous !!!!

    Thank you to Norbie’s new Mama for the update !!

  15. I love thinking about Norbie enjoying Chicago life – it’s his kind of town, Chicago is! Looking forward to some updates.

    Of course beautiful tortie Adriana has snagged my heart already…along with her sweet mama Livia. Loved the mosh pit video

    And Paulie Walnuts – best name for a kitten EVER!

  16. Oh my goodness, when that little kitten sneezed at 1:08 in the posted video I couldn’t help but laugh. It was such a tiny sneeze! They are some little cuties for sure.

  17. I’m so glad that Norbie is off to his forever home, but I will definitely miss him. He looks a lot like my tuxie, Clyde. Tuxies are just be lovable, period. The downside is that there are no kittens for Stefan and Jake to mentor until the Sopranos are introduced. (Do they enjoy the break?)

    Speaking of Sopranos, I’d love to snuggle them all. It’s great that we have another family to follow.

    Finally, a quick Chloe update: her red blood cell count is still improving. She managed to gain a few points on her own and the parasite seems to be gone. They want to monitor her for infection and to keep an eye on the cell count a bit longer, but if things continue to go well, I might be able to being her home Monday. 😀 Thank you all for the good wishes!

  18. I came to comment because I noticed that on this day in 2005 is when you renamed Sugarbutt, and I have to say that its the cutest baby kitteh belly he had in the second to last picture when he’s looking at Smitty. Everyone needs to go look (:

  19. Good luck to Norbs and his new mom!!!!

    oh the tinies (am I the only one that gets cracked up when one eye opens before the other one?).

    BTW – you started talking to Livia and my Tim came running over and rubbed on the laptop. LOL

  20. You really let Norbie leave? I certainly couldn’t.

    Paulie really sticks out like an orange thumb, doesn’t he?

  21. I read Meadow in your post today as “Meow-do” thanks to a touch of dyslexia and about died cracking myself up. 🙂