9-24-15 Thursday

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Zuke has spotted the ceiling fan, and Louganis is all “Hi, lady! Hi! Whatcha doin’?”

Zuke is all “What IS that?!” and Louganis is all “What? What’s what? I don’t see anything.”

Zuke reports to me. “Lady, I don’t wanna scare you, but there’s something whirling around up there! It could be dangerous!”

Zuke called in the troops. “See, guys? See it whirling around?!”
They were all “Um, what? I don’t see anything!”

“And it’s whirling AROUND and AROUND! Do you SEE it?!”
Louganis chimes in “Um… nope. I don’t think there’s anything up there.”

While Zuke tried to make all the others see the ceiling fan, Pattypan looked at me and said “THIS idiot.”

Then Ambercup was all “Wait! I think I see it!”

Zuke said “If you squint like this, it’s easier to see.”

Suddenly! Louganis said “GUYS, I see it! Look, it’s up there!”

“Where did THAT come from?!”
Zuke: “See? I TOLD you!”


::thlurrrp:: (Skinny Pete)

Combo, with a tiny bit of tongue showing.

“Halloooooo, laydees!”


Wide-eyed and amazed Skinny Pete.

Did I mention that these kittens love their stuffed socks? That’s Combo on the far side of the tub, spooning the bean sock, and Badger and Skinny Pete on the near side with the rice sock. (They have a heated pad in the tub, but they just LOVE these socks.)


Video: 42 seconds of the adorable Combo flailing (adorably). How I have not squooshed these kittens, I do not know.

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle makes her presence known, and is of the opinion that there are TOO MANY KITTENS all up in this house.


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9-24-15 Thursday — 23 Comments

    • They usually only notice them when they’re this little, it seems – the adults usually ignore them, and the kittens will get used to them. But I love how fascinated they are for the first few weeks. 🙂

  1. Oh, Stinkerbelle is just so beautiful!

    Those Squash Bugs necks are just ripe for the snorgling. And how I haven’t squeezed the marshmallow fluff out of my laptop every morning is nothing short of amazing. That video of Combo is better than caffeine (yes, I said it)!

    • Oh, and I may have said an expletive or two while looking at Badger winking at me and contemplating his fuzzy little halo.

  2. It’s a super-early day here (we’ve normally only been in bed for a couple of hours, but doctor’s offices don’t have second-shift-compatible appointment times), but thanks to that adorable video, I think I might make it. 🙂

  3. Cute video. And look at Combo’s fat little belly; he is getting fed well. The ceiling fan is something that always freaks out any cat I’ve ever had, but have no idea why. Takes a while before they realize it’s not going to harm them.

  4. Does Stinkerbelle spend more time on the ground with the peasants now? How is she dealing with Tommy’s death? Did she ever spot Maxi and think it was Tommy?

  5. I don’t think that Skinny Pete could be cuter if he tried.

    I am so in love with Zuke. however since I’ve been elimnated at work, this isn’t a good time for another destructive furball constantly demanding food and cat toys.

  6. Combo’s white furs remind me of Robin Williams and how hairy he was.. okay fine it really reminded me of this guy I went to high school with that I had a crush on that was blond and nice to me.. (I was a freshman he was a senior – and a popular one and I was just a dork) but seriously if I said he reminded me of him and his hairy arms, you would have no idea who I was talking about..

  7. My current two are totally oblivious to the ceiling fans, but Simon (best boy ever!) would notice them and spend the next few days constantly ducking, and then would be totally oblivious to them for several days. It was pretty hilarious! And these kittens are all absolutely adorable….