9-22-16 Thursday

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Two-Bit is such a little poser.

I’m kind of amazed that two Greasers could fit in the top of that little cat tree. I note that it’s a bit of a squeeze, though. That’s Ponyboy on the right, Darry on the left.

Darry is appalled by me.

“Lady, must I come smack that camera out of your paws?”

Sodapop poses on the bearskin – um, I mean SHEEPskin – rug.

“That’s right, lady, I’m going to sit here, juuuuuust out of your reach.” Darry is a brat.

All four, and none of them looking my way (I must have just refilled the food bowls.) I love their distinctive colors and markings. On the far left is Darry, with his dark orange fur and white socks (and no tail). Next to him is Sodapop, of course, the one brown tabby. Next to Sodapop is Two-Bit, who I’d really call more of a yellow than an orange, with his white socks and long, long tail. And on the right is Ponyboy with his beautiful spots and fur color that’s somewhere between Darry’s burnt orange and Two-Bit’s yellow.

He smacks! He… misses!

Two-Bit and Sodapop were laying on the floor. Two-Bit was cleaning Sodapop’s ears, and along came Ponyboy.
“Oh, is there some ear-cleaning going on?” Ponyboy said. “Let me get in on this!” and he flopped down on top of his two brothers.

So Two-Bit did his job, Sodapop fell asleep, and Ponyboy purred and purred.

These boys are headed off for their neuter surgeries today. Well, Darry’s already been neutered (he was neutered before I got him), but he still needs his rabies shot and ID chip, so I’ll drop him off along with the other boys for the day. I’ll pick them up this evening, and then we get to just enjoy them for the next couple of weeks!


I’ve never seen another cat who loves to lay with his front legs stretched out over his head like this so often. I don’t think it’s possible for Dennis to get any cuter, I really don’t.


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9-22-16 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. I’m sure the boys will get lots of loving at the vet today — good luck, Greasers! And you’re so right about Dennis, Robyn: adorable, happy guy.

  2. The last two 2005 posts….the babies Sugarbutt and Tommy….what little sweeties they were. ‘snif’

  3. Okay about Dennis – how exactly can you tell front from back? I’ve never seen another cat with such a casual attitude about the location of body parts.