9-21-16 Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Kirsten reminded me that somehow, it has been THREE YEARS since Norbie went home.

Three years?! How is that possible?

First photo with the little Norbie. He was so much smaller than I expected – maybe the Starks made him look bigger.

50% done with my shenanigans. Love my boy!

Happy Gotcha Day, Norbie! You can read the post about him going home here (or scroll down to the links at the bottom of this post!)

PS: When I was proofreading this post, the header at the top was the Norbie header!



Sights from around Crooked Acres.

One of the Meyer lemons on our lemon tree. This year, instead of putting it on the driveway where it would be in the sun for the entire day, we put it in a spot where it gets morning sun and mid-day shade, then a little sun in the afternoon. It’s also now located right next to a water faucet, so it’s getting watered regularly. And as a result, it’s very happy this year. I think we’re going to get a bumper crop of Meyer lemons come November/December.

Wanda, the wandering chicken. She escapes the back forty regularly, hangs around the space between the back forty and the side stoop, and goes back into the back forty when Fred goes out there in the afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago, after some discussion, we decided to add to the flock. Yes, we’re still intending to move sometime in 2018, but for the time being we need the hens to keep producing eggs, and we’ve lost a few hens recently due to old age. So we went up to the flea market in Tennessee and bought 10 young Rhode Island Red hens.

They are SO pretty!

Meredith Grey, in the nest box.

Chickens, following us out to the pond.

Angry Muppet has no time for your nonsense.

Our two remaining ducks are pretty much behaving themselves these days – the boy isn’t chasing the hens, and the girl duck isn’t laying eggs in out of the way places.

White Brahma isn’t having your nonsense, either.

A volunteer cherry tomato plant has popped up near the back forty. We haven’t harvested a lot of tomatoes, but we’ve harvested enough that I can report they’re very tasty.

When we first brought the Rhode Island Reds home, we figured we’d have to go out to the back forty in the evenings and herd them into the coop (now that George and Gracie are gone, we have to lock the chickens in at night for their own protection). To my surprise, those girls were the first ones in the coop when evening fell!

Did I mention SO pretty?

Speaking of volunteer tomato plants, one popped up on the burn pile, and that thing is HUGE.

That’s it for Crooked Acres pics this time around. I haven’t spent much time outside because although tomorrow is officially the first day of fall, it’s still hot here. According to weather.com, the high will remain in the 90s for the foreseeable future. Yes, we’re in Alabama, but that’s hotter than we’re used to this time of year. I’m an Ever-Cold, but this heat is even too much for me. I’ve got hoodies and jeans and warm, cozy socks, and I’d like to use them!


“Keeping an eye on you, lady.” (Two-Bit)

Getting a bit of the ol’ attitude from Ponyboy.

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” (Two-Bit)

Gazing out the window, making plans. (Two-Bit)

Two-Bit will have you know that he has NO problem fitting in that basket.

I got excited because Sodapop was actually using this hammock (no kittens or permanent residents have had any use for it up to this point), but he only slept there the one time, and now no one goes near it. Maybe it’s haunted.

Pretty Sodapop in the sun.

Darry with attitude.

Two-Bit, once again showing how well he fits in that basket. Ponyboy is patiently waiting his turn.

Flirty Two-Bit.

As of yesterday, three of the four Greasers have climbed into my lap. Darry is the only holdout – he likes to position himself juuuust out of my reach so I have to stretch to pet him, and then he rolls around on his back and purrs like crazy.

They’re all starting to show interest in what’s outside the door to their room, so probably this weekend we’ll open the door and let them have the run of the upstairs.


Oh, look. It’s Stefan sleeping. You hardly ever see that!


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  1. The hammock is not in the right place in terms of the “meow-shui” of your home. Once you find the correct location it will most likely be a favorite. (We have a small scratching post with a “tire swing”that was like this.). Good luck, and remember this guiding principle of ‘meow-shui” – isitsomewhere totally in the way or ridiculous for humans?? Bing! We have a location!

  2. Hi Robyn, a question for you and your readers: Both of my cats have had urinary issues (one had urinary crystals and the other had a bladder stone which required surgery) when they were fed Blue wet and dry food. They are now on prescription Royal Canin Urinary SO wet and dry food (and I put a little filtered water on top, and encourage them to drink the filtered water from their multiple bowls, etc. etc.). But the SO food is expensive, not popular with my one cat, and might not be effective (what it says on the bag of food!). I’m not sure if I should continue with the SO food and see if it works (it has been about 6 months) or if there are better alternatives. Does anyone have any experience with this?