9-20-16 Tuesday

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Sodapop and Ponyboy, chillin’.

“Um… just stuffing this toy in the Turbo Track so I can catch that blasted ball, that’s what.”

I think this litter gets more use out of those shelves than any litter in the past.

Darry (on the shelf) kills me dead because he looks SO serious, but he’s SUCH a lovebug.

A look at Darry’s stripes (and socks and nub.)

So, when I was in Maine in July, one of the things I bought was a fur pillow case, because I thought kittens might like to lay on it. I gave the pillow forms away and just brought the pillow covers home with me. Hemlock thought it was pretty cool.

Awwww, wittle baby Hemlock!

So did Privet.

Awwww, little baby dustbunny Privet!

When Privet, Juniper and Hemlock went to Petsmart, stripped the room and left everything – including the pillow cover – near the washer. Now, I should note that the pillow cover isn’t actually machine washable – it’s supposed to be dry-cleaned, but there’s just no way I’m going to pay to dry-clean that thing between litters. I bought it assuming it was machine washable, then when I realized it wasn’t, I shrugged and tossed it in the washer anyway. I figured that if it fell apart, I’d toss it. If it didn’t, then I’d know I could machine wash it.

On Saturday, I finally got around to washing it, and when I took it out of the dryer, it looked very different. It was like the “fur” had kind frayed at the ends. So I took it up to see what the Greasers thought of it.

Let’s just say that Ponyboy? He’s a fan.

A BIG fan.

“Lady, this thing is awesome.”

Sodapop was also a fan.

During my glance at the tag, I thought I’d read that the pillow was made of polyester, but given Ponyboy’s reaction, I took another look. Turns out that the “fur” side of the cover is sheepskin. That explains it!

I made a video of Ponyboy and Sodapop checking out the pillow cover.

YouTube link.


Fred’s desk is located directly behind mine, and I see this sight quite often.

What it looks like from Fred’s perspective:

So. Much. Love.

Youtube link


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9-20-16 Tuesday — 19 Comments

  1. Them are some eyes of lurve

    Oh, and I had asked about that fur toy the Evergreens (I think, or maybe the litter before) adored. You suggested etsy. And I found one at https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1178650357 and lord love a duck, it is THE toy when it’s out. It trumps sparkle balls and springs and feather teasers/da bird, even trumping the feline Greenies snack. Big hit! So thanks for the tip (I also got their steel wire dangler with naked ewe and leather wiggle-it). My ginger girls Ailbhe and Laoise are not spoiled one bit, not one bit.

  2. I suspect there is still a trace of lanolin in the sheepskin pillow cover and that is causing the bliss with the Greasers. I had to keep any wool sweaters away from my Birman Gibson as he was a big wool chewer. I read up on it and most think it is the lanolin in the wool that attracts them. I love the video of the Greasers nuzzeling the cover. I let out a big ole AWWWWWW.

  3. Robyn-I don’t know how much you like McDonalds or how close one may be to your place, but they currently have Talking Tom toys. I think they are only available till Thursday though so you would have to hurry or maybe a reader could visit and send you one. Here’s a video from Youtube of the different varieties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTFVac6kO8

  4. To keep the sheepskin from shrinking further, you might want to get one of the specific wool washes for it, like Eucalan or Soak. Neither one requires rinsing, and they just gently clean the wool while you let it sit in the water with a little of the wool wash for an hour or so. Great for all wool products, not just sheepskin! I don’t blame the kittens for enjoying it so. Heck, sleeping on a pillowcase made from sheepskin sounds equally heavenly to me!

  5. It looks more like carpet fiber now than soft fur. Still, the kittens don’t seem to mind.

    Alice’s adoring face for her daddy kills me DEAD.

  6. Try brushing out the fur on the pillow case. I bought a sweater years ago when I was in Iceland. It was made of Icelandic sheep wool and it came with a long narrow brush. Keep it from pilling and matting. Worth giving it a try.