9-19-16 Monday

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Ponyboy’s favorite place to hang out.

Getting The Look from Darry, who thinks I need to stop hovering over him and just sit down.

Another look from Darry. “Lady, you stop hovering over me. You’re making me nervous!”

Two-Bit, feelin’ smug.

Sodapop. I swear, this litter is exceptionally pretty. (Okay, maybe I think that about EVERY litter.)

Two-Bit gets playful.

Two-Bit gets flirty.

Ponyboy is just the SWEETEST.

Over the weekend, I slowly moved the litter boxes into the closet. The kittens were curious about the new setup, but adapted with no problem. I didn’t get any video of it (yet!), but Sodapop loves to race in and out of the closet at full speed, and did plenty of it over the weekend!


Last week, it just so happened that we had some deli ham in the house. This is a relatively uncommon occurrence – not because we dislike ham or anything, just that we don’t eat sandwiches all that often, and so don’t generally have sandwich meat in the house. But last week we did. And somehow, the cats just KNOW when there’s tasty ham in the house, and they KNOW the sound of the wrapping on the ham, and they know that if they come into the kitchen when there’s ham out, they’ll probably get a piece of it.

So I made a video.

YouTube link

Ordinarily, Alice would have barreled into the kitchen, but Stefan (who is like a puppy) makes her nervous, thus the reason she hesitated.


It’s a Jakey in a box, licking his lips. What more could you wish for?


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9-19-16 Monday — 26 Comments

  1. Love the eyes on those orange kittens! Gorgeous!

    Ham face! Poor Stefan! I don’t think he minded too much though.
    Ok, When I see Jake come for his ham, I go all “My Jake!” in the voice/accent of Nyteri (sp) from Avatar.. I love me some Jake! Him needs my kisses on his sweet looney face!
    Oh, and because she showed up, someone’s special song is stuck in my head! Yo

  2. Screaming Alice cracked me up! She is adorable. Poor Stefan, ham on the face (Fred, knock that off). Jake is a doll.

    (I did notice that Stefan’s second piece was w-a-y bigger than Jake’s and Alice’s. Jake really got ripped off. *cough*)

    • Agreed, Stefan played all alpha while polite Jake was mistaken as an omega. More importantly, Alice got her ham tribute. She definitely has ham radar.

      Hopefully Fred got some too. Or ate pb&j.

    • You’ll need to talk to Fred – giver of the ham – about the ham pieces disparity. Obviously he’s playing favorites. 🙂

  3. Maisie, who is my most stereotypically catlike of all my cats and can be quite snooty when she wants, behaves the same way when there is deli turkey to be had.

  4. I see Fred is getting braver about the ham. No tongs this time, but bigger pieces to keep between the sharp teeth and fingers! 😉

    • I was waiting to see if he broke out the tongs. My late beloved Lynx could say a few words, and one of them was ham. Or more precisely, HAAAAAAAAM! He loved it too.

    • I was waiting to see if he broke out the tongs. My late beloved Lynx could say a few words, and one of them was ham. Or more precisely, HAAAAAAAAM! He loved it also.

  5. I thought my Blue was the only ham seeking cat missile around 😉 That boy can smell it when it is in a sealed package and will wake from a deep sleep to be by my side the second it emerges from the fridge. 😀

    • Oh…2012….the best thing about that post…..Dandelion!!!!!! Dandelion !!!!! Dandelion !!!!!! Swoon…..

    • Thanks! We bought that at a local flea market back when we bought the house. It was cheap, and we didn’t expect it to last, but it’s been 10 years now, and it’s holding up far better than we expected, though it’s starting to fray around the edges.

  6. In your second picture (the one with Darry) I envision it saying “Molly-you in danger girl”. *LOL-because Darry is represented by Patrick Swayze in your Greaser movie but he is the one also in Ghost and one of the famous scenes in THAT movie is where Whoopi Goldberg’s character says that line.

    *in case anyone couldn’t follow my connections. That should be some kind of game show btw if anyone needs an idea to pitch. List an actor and show a picture to the contestant and then they have to say a famous line from that movie. Then in the next round, list an actor and a different movie and make a connection. Call the show Connections!