9-28-20 Monday

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The Fancy Sofa raffle is now underway! Here’s what the Fancy Sofa looks like when it is unoccupied.

Overall measurements are 16″ in diameter, 5″ high in the front, 11″ high in the back – it includes 3 attached pillows.

This is what it looks like with a kitten on it (I had to share this pic again because d’Artagnan’s Face of Wow is killing me.)

And this is what it looks like with 12 pounds of floof occupying it.

(Thanks to Fred for helping make that happen.)

Like our previous raffles, you don’t have to go anywhere near Facebook if you don’t want to – just send $5 per entry (you can enter as many times as you’d like) via PayPal to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com via “sending to a friend”; be sure to note that it’s for the sofa raffle. If you DO want to go near Facebook, the auction page is HERE.

Raffle entries are accepted ’til Saturday October 3rd at 7 pm, and the drawing will take place shortly after (either live on Facebook or videoed and uploaded; Teresa won’t be here and I’m in negotiations with Fred on whether he can be trusted to point the phone at the kittens when the drawing is taking place.) Shipping is free if you don’t live in the Huntsville (Alabama) area; we’ll contact the winner after the drawing to arrange delivery.


D’Artagnan sitting in the Summer Cuties box, keeping an eye on something. Uncle Archie, I think.

Rochefort, thinking it might be nap time.

Athos throws himself into nap time.

“What, lady? What. Just lying here watching the birds. You move along.” That d’Artagnan, so much attitude.

Rochefort’s all “Smile! I need a picture of the two of us!” and Athos is reluctantly posing just to get it over with.

Aramis in his pile o’ beds.

Little d’Artagnan, big world.

I love Rochefort’s swirls.

“What doin’, weird lady?” Constance inquires.

We have a hummingbird that spends a lot of time in the Crape Myrtle in front of that window, and Aramis likes to watch it.

Porthos and Aramis are all “Excuse you, lady, we is having some brudder time.”


A rare shot of Alice Mo inside (she prefers to be on the screened porch.)

YouTube link


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9-28-20 Monday — 2 Comments

  1. Oh man, that picture of Rochefort and Athos on the cat tree is too much! Perfect picture to gaze upon at the end of my work day. And yes, d’Artagnan’s Face of the Wow is hilarious! These guys…

    You know, I always thought Khal was heftier than 12 lbs (dude, all muscle, of course…I’m not saying you’re fat).

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since the True Blood gang. I want to thank you for making my days better. Especially during these tough times having an uplifting moment every morning really means a lot to me. Thanks for all the good work you do for the kitties and letting us share their journeys.

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