9-28-17 Thursday

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How far will we go to get our cats adopted? We called in renowned cat whisperer Purrcy Catcher to talk to Mrs. Potts. Mrs. P was quite flirty with Purrcy. She explained that, while she appreciates the name given to her by her fantastic foster mom, it doesn’t really fit a young, vibrant girl like herself.

With her love of adventure and travel, this young lady would prefer to be known as Moana – though you might call her Meow-na, if you’d rather.

She’s currently located at Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, AL. You can contact Challenger’s House on Facebook email at challengershouse (at) mchsi.com, or via phone at 256-420-5995.


An hour in the life of mama Mercury.

Mercury has a think.

And a gnaw on Hubble’s belly.

I love the blur of his little legs as he protests having his behind cleaned. “Mama, no!”

Checking on Telstar.

Having another think.

Cleaning Telstar, whether he likes it or not.

Another think.

Cleaning the top of Stardust’s head.

Watching Aurora.

And some more cleaning.

Opening up the milk bar.

A moment of relaxation before she starts all over again.


Stefan celebrates Thlurrrpsday. It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta live it.


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9-28-17 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Mrs. Potts was a cute name, but ok, I see giving her a more baby name so people wont think she’s older. Meow-na is cuter though! Fingers crossed she gets a home soon!

    Mercury is probably trying to remember which kitten she hasn’t licked in the last 20 minutes, or if she should just start over already..

  2. I cannot believe Moana and Belle have not been snatched up yet. My fingers are crossed for both of these sweeties.

    You’ve certainly had a run of gorgeous mama cats (and fakers) – Mercury looks like she could be a runway model! All that beauty and she loves her kittens!

  3. I cannot look at a thlurrpp=ing cat without thlurrping myself. Luckily, I don’t share an office!

  4. My first thought was that Mrs. Potts was adopted and that Moana was her new name. Sad to realize that it’s not true. Well, here’s to hoping the name change works and she’s taken real soon. And Belle as well. 🙂

  5. Love the look of resignation on Stardust’s wee face as Mama makes him presentable (like when your Mom would lick her finger and clean food smudges off your face, lol).