9-27-17 Wednesday

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Can you believe that these little muffins are SEVEN weeks old today? Here are their progression pics:

Here they are when they’re not dangling from my (or Fred’s) hand.






Would you like to see some kitten bellies? Here you go!


Hubble. (That Mission Patch is the cutest thing ever, isn’t it?)


Stardust. (She didn’t want her belly photographed!)

Telstar. (He looks like he’s fighting me, but was actually enjoying having his ears rubbed.)

And how about those eyes?

Aurora – still a lot of blue there.

Hubble – still a lot of blue there, too, with a heavy smattering of green.

Phoenix – all green!

Stardust – mostly green, with a bit of blue around the outside.

Telstar – a nice amount of blue, with a green center.

Last, but certainly not least – how about a milk bar comparison?

1 day old.

7 weeks old.

Yep, they’re still bellying up to the milk bar frequently, though Mercury doesn’t let them nurse for long.


Video! Speaking of nursing kittens, how about a video with newborn kittens flailing around at the milk bar, the same kittens at 2 weeks old, and then at 7 weeks old? One thing I’m noticing – they flail a lot less than they used to!

YouTube link


Alice Mo the calico thinks Frankie better not be looking at HER Daddy.

YouTube link


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9-27-17 Wednesday — 23 Comments

  1. You take just the best photos. Thanks for giving me a soft landing every morning. (Heh, space program reference). These are some cutie pie kittens and of course their momma is a beauty. I don’t recognize the kittens in the banner (first photo was 3 black/white/ tabby in a cat tree but there are some wild looking kittens in that banner. One had the half and half face. One has a crazed open mouth look) but that banner is one of a kind.
    Thank you.

    • That sounds like The Weeds! I love the little tortie (I think it was she whom you meant had the half-and-half face)! There is a link on the top right of the webpage where you can see ALL the banners Robyn has created. Some of them are truly wild, others hysterically funny, all of them fabulously cute!

  2. Ahem — Stardust is a LAY-dee, and ladies don’t go around allowing their bellies to be photographed.

    Phoenix’s eyes — wow! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that shade of green in cat’s eyes before!

    In Telstar’s progression photo, his eyes look bright green in his 7-week picture. Like Dennis-green!

    How is it possible that every litter of kittens you foster is THE cutest litter of kittens ever?!

  3. Would you look at that little butterball Hubble… Telstar looks a little lost in space in his latest progression picture, hee hee.

    Oh, these babies…

  4. Aurora looks like she is doing the hula in her belly shot!

    And am I the only one seeing the attitude develop in these kittens in the progression pictures? 😀

  5. Stardust has the BEST belleh spots – I guess she wants to keep them to herself! And look out much straighter their ears are, even from last week, although they still haven’t grown into those ears yet!