9-29-17 Friday

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Is Aurora still the heavyweight of the group? I haven’t seen any weight comparisons.

There’s a weight chart at the bottom of their page, here (you can also get to their page by clicking on their pictures in the sidebar). Aurora is still the heavyweight at 1 pound 15.1 ounces, followed very closely by Telstar. The smallest of the litter is Stardust, who has been the smallest all along.


Has Mercury started to put on some weight, or are the babies sucking her thin?

Mercury has definitely put on some weight. I don’t have her listed in the aforementioned weight chart on their page, but once the babies started eating on their own, she put on a pound in about a week and a half (she’s nearly 10 1/2 pounds), most of it in her belly.


Hubble selfie. They learn so young!

“Lady, I want YOU to come over here so I can smack you.”

Posin’ Stardust on the Fancy Sofa.

Telstar and Stardust, tusslin’ on the croc shoe. I just got that out of the closet the other day, and of course they think it’s AWESOME.

“Come here, lady!”

Oh, that stripey leg! (Telstar, I think.)

Hop! (This picture makes Stardust look much bigger than she actually is. She’s a wee peanut.)

Hubble looks pretty unhappy about that smack to the face, doesn’t he?

Stardust in the sun, and Hubble looks like he’s ready to pounce.

“I sees you, lady.”

Telstar, waiting for the door to open.

A guffaw and a thlurrrp.

“How do I steer this thing?”


Video! The kittens have hit their goofy age. I thought Hubble was going to go skittering right off the top of the crate onto the floor!

YouTube link


Dennis sitting in Fred’s lap, pretending not to understand what I want when I say “Dennis, come snuggle with ME.” Brat.


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9-29-17 Friday — 4 Comments

  1. Dennis is so gorgeous!

    That is one long arm sticking out there (probably the angle?). Now the Missions have their very own Canadarm!

  2. I don’t know what was funnier in that video, Hubble or whichever tabby sibling was trying to climb the door.