9-30-21 Thursday

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I guess they heard that it’s Churu time. Look at all those tails in the air.

Franco Fondue is letting me know where the Churu goes (and Sofia Soy Sauce is double-checking to be sure there isn’t already some there.)

Franco Fondue gets his thlurrrp on.

And so does Sofia Soy Sauce.

“Right here, lady. RIGHT. HERE.” (And Theo Pesto is complaining that I’m not moving fast enough.)

Molly Marinara hopped up to see what was going on. Not going to find the Churu there, Molly. Just sayin’.

“Gimme the Churu and nobody gets hurt, lady.”

I think she’s a Churu fan.

I love the side eye I’m getting from Christopher Chutney, there on the left, who has a big ol’ blop of Churu on his nose.

(Churu, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is a treat that’s basically the consistency of baby food in a tube. I’ve had a few kittens who had no love for it, but for the most part they all LOVE it.)


Khal’s lookin’ fabulous (and I love that you can see Charlie sitting in the background considering his next move.)


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Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce enjoy the sunshine.

Christopher Chutney’s keeping an eye on me.

Sofia Soy Sauce’s face is cracking me up. She’s very “Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.”

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Tossing toys. Those kittens have some MOVES.

Theo Pesto is keepin’ it clean.

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney)


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9-30-21 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Malcolm LOVES him some Churu… anytime he hears what he thinks is the bag opening up he gets super excited.

    (Fun fact! I have to open my package of disposable face masks outside because weirdo thinks I’m opening a bag of treats for him.)

  2. One of my permanent residents got sick back in June, and after hospitalization, came home with medicines. I bribed him to take his pills by giving him Churu (he is fine now).

    One day, I was counting out MY pills and vitamins for the week (I have one of those daily pill organizers) and Jack had hopped up on the toilet lid and was obediently awaiting his Churu. I guess the sound of the pill bottles did a Pavlov number on him.

    And yes. Churu is Kitty Crack!

  3. I just wanted to share my dream last night reflecting the guilt I (and probably many of us) feel about not being able to rescue every single kitty in need of a home. **I walked outside my house and there were about 200 stray kittens and puppies (and birds) in my bushes looking at me with sad eyes. I looked in my kitchen window and there were my two resident cats (Kosmo and Nelson) sitting at the table by a cozy fire sipping tea and wearing scarves :-).** The guilt is heartbreaking sometimes. Thank you again Robyn for the wonderful difference you make in the lives of so many of them.

  4. My old boy had no interest in Churu. He died from pancreatic cancer not too long after that, so maybe that was a factor. But the young healthy girl wanted nothing to do with it either. Maybe I got “dud” cats?

  5. Robyn, the YouTube video in the social media section isn’t coming up for me–even on YT itself, it says it’s private. Not a huge deal, but wanted to let you know in case there was a setting that needed to be updated.

      • Yay, thank you! I’m one of the folks who doesn’t do Facebook or Instagram, so I REALLY appreciate that you repost all the social media content here as well, even if I don’t always have time to watch every single video.

        And you’re right, those kittens really do have some moves! Such bouncy orange cuties, give them all a skritch from me (assuming they’ll sit still for it, LOL).