8-31-22 Wednesday

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Warning: the first section of today’s post has some very sad news about a former foster.

In case you missed it on social media yesterday, I am so sorry to announce that Luke, (formerly Ian, of the Outlander Clan kittens) passed away on Monday from suspected wet FIP. Our hearts go out to his family; he was so very loved by them and I know they’ll miss him terribly.

Note: FIP is caused by a mutation of the feline coronavirus. It is common for cats to have been exposed to the coronavirus; in only a small number of cases does it mutate into FIP. Luke’s littermates are doing well, and I don’t believe there’s cause for concern. (Long time readers may remember that we lost Jake’s brother Elwood to dry FIP in 2012. Jake has never had any health issues and just turned 13 years old.)

If you follow Kitten Lady, you know that there is new treatment for FIP (she successfully treated her kitty Coco for FIP earlier this year – you can see her video about it here. There is more information at FIP Warriors.) Wet FIP moves much more quickly than the dry version, and Ian passed too quickly to begin treatment.

Below are some pictures of Luke that his family shared with me. That boy was clearly very much loved. (Their other cats – including Obi (formerly Angus) – are doing well.)


Gus shushing Mike.

Mike chomping Gus.

More chomping on Gus – this time it’s Lalo’s turn.

Saul tried to stuff his big ol’ head through that little tunnel (the one on the right) and almost got stuck. And he’s not sorry. (Well, he’s sorry insofar as there’s now a toy in that tunnel and he can’t make a second attempt. The bigger tunnel, on the left, is plenty big enough for him to slide through. But what fun is that?)

The kittens look like they’re expecting something, don’t they?

Lalo likes to hang out under the curvy scratcher.

They’re climbing now! That’s actually Mike climbing in this picture, but he didn’t get very far before he backed down. He might not be ready yet.

Francesca is pretty fond of climbing that scratcher.

Yep, Saul was the first one to make it to the top of that little scratcher. (And yep, he got down on his own, though I wasn’t looking so I’m not sure exactly how he got down.)

Lalo likes being in confined spaces. The tunnel of the scratcher, under the curvy scratcher, under the doll bed. I guess he’s a cave dweller.


Charlie likes to sit here and watch the hummingbirds zip by on the other side of the screen.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

(Yesterday was a light social media day. I posted the news about and pictures of Luke/Ian, and the only other thing I posted was the picture below.)

Good night innernets. (Mike)


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