8-31-17 Thursday

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Growing up WAY too fast. Please note that Hubble, in the front middle, has a bit of tongue sticking out.

The little outstretched back leg. KILLING me. (Stardust)


I mean. COME ON, Stardust.

She knows how cute she is, right?

Aurora’s all “Get a load o’ this belleh!” and in the background Hubble and Telstar are all “…?”

Aurora seems pretty smug and sure of herself, doesn’t she?

“THIS PAW IS TASTY.” Stardust again.

Phoenix, sneaking up on me.

Hubble and his tongue = maximum cute.

Yep, she’s been to the scratcher. She’s been UNDER the scratcher. She has not been ON the scratcher… yet.

Brudders. Hubble left, Telstar right.

Mercury snoozes briefly.


Video! Keeping these kittens clean is a full-time job for Mercury.

YouTube link


Frankie’s all “Hall-O, laydeez!”

Frankie update: he was weaned off of the steroids and doing well, and then over the weekend started occasionally yelping while he was eating. It’s possible that he’s still healing from surgery – it’s been a few weeks, but it was pretty extensive surgery – so he’s back on a low dose of steroids for now, and we will try weaning him back off in another week or so.


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8-31-17 Thursday — 20 Comments

  1. Oh, Archie, c’mon, little man, please get better – you are my spirit animal…. Oh, and that picture of you – wowza! You’ve just earned a spot as my screensaver!!! (Robyn, please let me know if that’s not okay). That picture makes me smile very bigly! Sending thoughts for speedy and complete healing. Oh, and this little family is adorable. Mercury seems like a wonderful momma! Happy Friday eve, ya’ll! (PS: a non-feline question… Fred writes, you write, which is appropriate… y’all or ya’ll.. I think grammatically, it’s y’all with the ‘ taking the place of the missing ou in you, but ya’ll seems more balanced from aesthetic perspective… goodness! this has become a deep thought – BEFORE caffeine… never done learning… Love & Hisses – your one stop shop for cats, kittens, and grammar.)

    • I must admit that the visual aesthetics of correct vs. incorrect grammar had never really occurred to me. “AWWWW ISN’T THAT CUTE” is about the deepest thought that’s happened to me so far this morning.

    • I think you mean Frankie. 😉 Though Archie and his resting b*tch face also makes a perfect spirit animal (at least for me)!!

      And I’ve always written “y’all” since it is a contraction of “you all”.

    • As a Southerner and an editor: it’s y’all, the contraction of “you all.” I would never go around correcting people (unless they are paying me to do so) for writing ya’ll, but you asked which one was technically correct. 🙂

  2. Mercury and her family are looking so healthy and happy. And no matter how much responsibility that girl has, her eyeliner remains perfect. Another Plus: You now have the ideal opening shot for Archie’s permanent-resident page. The Minus: Archie in pain. I know you’ll be closely monitoring him, so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for the boy. (And there’s so much going on in so many places that finger crossing is now second nature.)

  3. ((hugs)) to Frankie.
    I believe “y’all” is the correct spelling of the contraction.
    Mercury and her kittehs have to be THE cutest litter you’ve had yet. Love ’em!

  4. I’m very tired of Frankie yelping when he eats.

    Had so hoped that we were over this but not yet. Hopefully the steroids will help.

  5. I am officially a Stardust fan now! They are all so cute, but she is my fav!

  6. Am I the only one who looks at Aurora’s belleh and says “omg so want to poke her gently in each and every one of those magnificent belly spots.”