8-30-17 Wednesday

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These little muffins are THREE weeks old today, can you believe it? Here are their progression pictures.

Their ears really popped this week! Here they are when they aren’t squirming around while dangling from my hand.






That’s a handful of Telstar.

“Mama, my paw is almost as big as yours!” (Telstar and Mercury)


Mercury and Hubble – neither of them look very pleased, do they?

Mercury and Phoenix, Telstar, Hubble & Aurora. (Stardust was sitting over by me.)

Mercury and Phoenix.

Mercury and Stardust.

Mercury and Stardust again. Mercury’s all “You used to be THIS tall, and now you’re practically grown up!”

Mercury and Telstar.

Mercury and Stardust again – can you tell who the explorer of the litter has turned out to be?

Mercury and Stardust. “HI, Mama!”

Mercury keeping an eye on her daughter.


Video! Mercury’s kittens are feelin’ flaily.

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Dewey is offended that 8 months after he was made a permanent resident, he still doesn’t have his own permanent resident page. Neither does Frankie. Maybe one day I’ll get around to it. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD BE NICER TO ME, DEWEY.


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8-30-17 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I love the Missions “school” pictures. I hope my CHILDREN’s pictures turn out that cute next week.

  2. I love the progression pictures. I so wish I had those for my furbabies. The picture of Telstar and Mercury really confused me. It took me a long time to figure out how the paws were organized. I had to keep looking to figure out why Telstar’s paw seemed to be on backwards. I need more coffee.

  3. Ah-the cuteness!! How is it that every single kitten is cute-I mean has anyone ever seen an ugly kitten, I think not!

    I have a question for your Friday column. My cat, Mewlan-is almost 5 years old. Healthy, eating-but she does have constipation issues. She eats dry food but won’t touch the wet stuff. I’ve tried numerous brands to introduce moisture to her diet, plus including the cat milk, clam juice, those packages from Hartz which my other cats love, like seafood bisque. I’ve never had an animal so unmotivated by food. Baby food she may deign to eat sometimes-but I’d love if anyone has ideas for wet food for a very picky eater!! We have lactalase, but I hesitate to give it to her, she is so skittish, if I can avoid stressing her by forcing it into her mouth with a syringe, I will. Plus, I would like a solution that isn’t just one or two times, basically a way to get her to drink, or eat moister foods. I appreciate any help!

    • I don’t know about hydration, and, truthfully, I don’t know the pros and cons of this, but my cats are 15 & 10 and still alive 🙂 and going ‘seniorly strong’… This may assist with the constipation as it works for hairballs… when my cat or cats are working on a hairball and running around with ‘unproductive wretching’ (hows that for a term?), I give them chunk light tuna canned in oil – not the whole can but a heaping spoonful on a saucer… usually the hairball comes up then within a few hours, I’ve not noticed any ‘runny’ or ‘less firm’ bowel movements afterwards… but may help the other way by ‘lubricating’ the innards… That’s all I got… it’s early here and I’m not a vet, but it’s helped my girls…. yikes, right?

  4. Come on, Dewey, the Lady is really nice. Try, as the song goes, a little tenderness. And Frankie, give some of that llove you heap on Fred on Robyn. You have more than enough to share.