8-30-15 Chewy & Weruva Grain Free Treats

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For our Chewy product review this month, we reviewed Weruva Blue Water Whitefish Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats. Ingredients: Whitefish (boneless fish filet). Well, that’s a simple list of ingredients, am I right? Let’s see what the cats think!

When I went looking for cats to offer the treats to, Dennis (left) and Jake were atop the kitchen cabinets and not inclined to come down.

So I was like “Okay, then, I guess all of these are for Stefan!” And Stefan was like “That sounds like the perfect plan to me!”

Alice came monkey-walking along and was all “I heard a rumor that there are treats up in here?”

Which made Dennis go one way.

While Jake went the other way.

Dennis was all “You gots a little somethin’-somethin’ for me?”

Jake was all “HELLEW.”

Dennis dove right in (and so did Jake, but I didn’t get a good picture of him eating).

“That was tasty. A few more, please?”

Alice gets nervous when the boys are too close, because they are rude and pushy. So she went into the laundry room and I tossed treats to her.

Dennis tried to go see what she had (in case it was something better than what HE had), and she hissed at him.

Archie was in his usual daytime spot (the cat bed at the end of my bed).

“Why, these are stretch-my-toes tasty!”


In the end, Dennis, Archie, and Stefan ate four treats each and weren’t interested in any more. Alice and Jake, on the other hand, wanted to eat the whole container. I didn’t offer any treats to Kara, Maxi, Newt, or Joe Bob, because they weren’t around. Stinkerbelle was atop the kitchen cabinets, gave me the Eyes of Eff You, and ignored the treat I tossed up to her. I’ll give them some tonight at snack time – my prediction is that Maxi, Kara and Joe Bob will like them and Newt won’t even look at them, because that’s usually the way it goes with those cats.

(Also, I didn’t realize ’til I sat down to write this post that the treats are meant for dogs, too. I would have offered some to George, but I can guarantee that George would gulp down the entire container-full without tasting anything, and then maybe tried to eat the container, too.)

Thank you to Chewy.com and Weruva for the opportunity to review these treats. You can find these treats here.

As always, the product was provided to us free of charge; the opinions are the cats’, as interpreted by me.


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8-30-15 Chewy & Weruva Grain Free Treats — 8 Comments

  1. I think we need to have a contest one day, who has the most beautiful eyes on Crooked Acres.

    Alice has amazing eyes but Jake and Dennis, those green eyes are just gorgeous. Archie might be a dark horse though, just stunning.

    Love that shot of Boliter, caught trying to sneak out.

  2. There is something eerily human like about Jake’s beautiful face. Like a loon in a cat suit!

  3. I got the “Keep calm and kitten on” banner and I was all like ‘hey look she color coordinated” and then I remembered it is random.. but it still looked good.

    those treats say cat and dog on them, don’t they?