8-29-17 Tuesday

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Stardust, appalled.

Phoenix the little poser.

Mercury, scheming.

“Who, ME?”

Ya wave yer paws in the air like ya just don’t care.

“Coming for you, innernets. COMING. FOR. YOU.” (Aurora)

That little tail, straight up in the air as he heads toward his mama. Utterly adorable Hubble.

That boy certainly loves his mama.


Telstar and his sister (probably Aurora’s) butt. He looks a bit taken aback.

Stardust, keeping an eye on me.

All three brown tabbies were out of the nest while Mercury, Hubble, and Phoenix settled in for a nap. The brown tabbies went back into the nest eventually – but I suspect it won’t be long before I open the door to find them all sleeping in a different part of the room, if not in the middle of the floor.


Videos! In the first one, Stardust goes exploring. The little soft squeaks kill me dead.

YouTube link

Next, the kittens are having a lazy morning.

YouTube link

And lastly, kittens at the milk bar – except for Telstar, who’s rolling around on his back, waggling his little legs in the air. SO SO CUTE.

YouTube link


“Those kittens aren’t coming in here to disturb my nap are they, lady?” Not for a few months, Archie!


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8-29-17 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. There is NOTHING sweeter, or cuter than kittens at this age! Just want to reach through the screen, pick one up and showering kisses on it. :=)

  2. Is it me or is Archie’s resting b!tch-face less, b!tchy and more smug/relaxed?

    Life is good off the ‘mean streets’ of the ex-suburbs.

  3. That Stardust is sooo cute!

    Also, I was looking at the permanent residents page, and there’s a couple cats missing. I like reading the new cats stories. Tell us again how you didn’t want more permanent residents! 😉

  4. That first picture, too funny…I can almost hear Stardust saying, “Well, I never!” And is this going to be a litter of slappin’ paw kitties? I see a lot of practicing in that second video and a dose in the third as well…haha!