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Snoozin’ Jon Snow. He is such a sweet boy.

Jon Snow says ::LEAP!::
Norbert says “You call THAT a leap? Let me SHOW YOU a real leap!”


“I’ll get you, my pretty!”

Norbert tries to teach Hodor the proper way to shake paws.
“If you’re trying to impart that what you’re saying is heartfelt and sincere, you hold their paw in both of yours. Like THIS. ‘It’s lovely to meet you, Hodor!’ See? And make sure you use their name a LOT, because that makes you seem SUPER sincere and not at all shady and like you’re trying to bilk them out of their hard-earned kibble. ‘Hodor, it’s lovely to meet you, Hodor. How’s your family, Hodor? I’m here to speak to you about a wonderful investment opportunity, Hodor!’ See?”

This could totally be an ad for a new sitcom. Norbert’s the zany older brother. Hodor’s the quietly brilliant middle sibling who just comes along to deliver a zinger (“Hodor!” ::cue uproarious audience laughter:: ). Arya’s the precociously sassy little sister with the signature move where she rests a hand on her hip, smirks, and shoots the camera a knowing look. Coming this Fall! Crooked Acres Cat Farm on FOX!

“Mom always said! Don’t play ball in the house!”

Oooh! It’s the episode with the water fountain and there’s a misunderstanding and hijinks ensue! I love this one!

It’s the one where they go on vacation to Hawaii and Arya ends up hanging off a cliff and a stranger saves her by grabbing her hair and pulling her back up the cliff! This one always gives me goosebumps.

And the one where Arya eats too much catnip and walks around licking everyone’s hand. Then they hire her to do exfoliating in the salon at the mall! Yeah, I think that one’s my favorite.

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You know what I’m about to link to, don’t you? Of course you do!

YouTube link.


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8-29-13 — 21 Comments

  1. oh man, I know I’m up too late if I see the newest post in my Facebook feed!

    I want to give Arya a snorgle bomb for being so cute when she’s high!

  2. I, too, would watch Crooked Acres Cat Farm – in fact there’s probably enough material to make it a daily program as I know I couldn’t ‘wait till next week’ to see! Actually, I can think of 7 or 8 programs just off the top of my head that I would be so very happy to have removed from the airways with Crooked Acres Cat Farm replacing them! Oh, I knew where you were going with the pic of Alice.. and yep, I played her theme song for like the 1,000th time and sang along! (You do get royalties from this, right???) Thanks for the great start to my day!

  3. First picture of Arya and MYSTERY HAND: “::thlurp::”

    Second picture of Arya and MYSTERY HAND: “Gyah! I think I bit off more than I can ::thlurp::!”

    Was Norbert (AKA crazy monkey #1) leaping after Jon Snow (AKA crazy monkey #2) in a bout of play, or just showing off his mad leaping skills? Either way he’s adorable!

  4. LOL Robyn-you need to get out more! But I would totally watch Crooked Acres Farm. Would you star as yourself or would Zsa Zsa Gabor play your part? And you KNOW you’d have to bring back the pigs-right? Oh and was there an anniversary of the Brady Bunch or something this week because my morning radio program was talking about favorite episodes this week too!

  5. And yes, I once again listened to the Alice song…love it every time!! I’m sure I’ll be singing it for the rest of the day!

    • Reddit is totally full of weirdos (hee!), but a lot of good people, too. 🙂 Connie posted in my Facebook timeline to let me know that they’ve found someone to take Smokey, at least temporarily!

  6. Poor Smokey. I’m sadly not in a position to help, but I’m sending good thoughts.

    So I have a story/question for everyone. Two years ago I had the help of some TNR folks in my Brooklyn neighborhood in trapping what we thought at the time was a pregnant momma cat who was living right near our apartment building and would walk by our windows, driving our cats nuts. Long story short: She was not pregnant (we spayed and released her), but nursing five kittens, two of whom we trapped (we couldn’t get the others, then there was a hurricane… So far as I know, one of the remaining three survived). My husband and I fostered the two we had trapped (Robyn, you helped me with that — thanks!) and got them adopted a couple of months later. I continued to feed Momma and Popeye (the remaining kitten, who had a bad eye), hoping eventually to TNR the latter, but both disappeared in early December 2011. I feared the worst for them.

    Until last night, that is. We were just about to eat dinner when I heard plaintive meowing just outside the apartment (our door opens directly onto the sidewalk). I opened the door, and there is a small black cat with white hairs on its chest and a tipped ear. It (she?) looked and sounded exactly like Momma. A neighbor was out there and we both watched her as she continued to stare at me and meow. I went and got a can of food and left it for her. I could hear after a few minutes that a passing dog barked at her, so when I went out again she had gone. I picked up the remaining food and wandered near to where my former Momma used to hang out, and there she was. She meowed at me again and was a lot less wary of me without my neighbor around.

    So — what do you all think? It is possible that this is Momma? Or just a random black cat that I’d like to think is Momma? I’m going to try to continue to feed it (her? I think it’s female — it was pretty dark out) regardless, but it’s a thrill to think it may be her.

    • It certainly sounds like your Momma is back, Alexandra! It’s too bad she can’t tell you where she’s been!

      • She was around tonight too! Ran right over when I went out to look for her and called to her. She’s living in an overgrown lot directly across the street from her previous home under the subway overpass — oxymoron! — right next to our building. She even let me touch her! Yay! Time to buy some Friskies, ’cause even if it’s not my momma, she’s a hungry kitty who knows she’s found a sucker.

      • She’s clearly not too skinny and was pretty friendly with me previously — she got so friendly at one point that she would ignore the food I put out for her and twine around my legs instead of eating, asking for petting — so there’s part of me that wonders if someone took her in for a while.

        • That’s what I was thinking, that maybe someone else was caring for her for a while, and then she either wandered off or they moved or something.

  7. My favorite episode is the one where their cool friend Stefonzie jumps over the shark on water skis.

  8. I would totally watch “Crooked Acres Cat Farm” too!

    Jon Snow looks like Mr. Burns there – “Excellent!”

    And Alice looks like she’s keeping an eye on that bebbeh calico Arya – because there can only be one calico princess at Crooked Acres!

  9. Don’t let FOX pick it up. They cancel all the good shows for no good reason at all (koffFIREFLYkoff).