8-29-16 Monday

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Juniper is SUCH a pretty girl (though she could use a dusting)!

“What, lady?” (Please note Juniper in the pink cube, peeking out.)

These kittens are pretty much uninterested in baskets. I had to toss a toy in there before she’d climb in and pose for me.

OH, the ear floof. Do I point it out a hundred times a week, or what? I can’t help it, I love it (and her) so!

That string and bell were attached to a toy. First he patted gently with one paw…

And then he stood up and gave it a good sniff. He ultimately decided not to grab it, for reasons known only to him.

Ears of Annoyance: Activated!

Partially annoyed.

Video. Juniper – have I mentioned? – is one nutty little kittygirl.

YouTube link.


Dennis’s current favorite place to sleep the day away: on the felted wool cave in the front room. Why get inside the cave when you can just sleep on top of it?


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  1. Such cuteness!

    Robyn-knowing that you are the expert in all things cat, and that many of your readers know a thing or two also, can someone give me tips or point me in the direction of a site that would let me know the steps of socializing a cat to a dog which we may be getting soon? TIA!

    • Holly Waterfall:




      Here are three sites from respectable sources. 🙂

      My two cents worth: Never leave the two unsupervised when you are not there (crate dog) until you are 100% sure of kitty’s safety. Always be sure there is a cat tree or such that the cat can quickly get away from the dog.

      If the dog ends up eating “tootsie rolls”, you can always install a kitty door in the door to the room where the cat box is kept or add a baby gate (but sometimes older cats have a hard time jumping over if they have arthritis).

      Avoid getting a dog with a high prey drive (loves to chase squirrels, etc) and a dog that is food aggressive. You don’t want him biting kitty if kitty puts her face in his bowl.

      Also, I have this feeder. It will keep the dog from eating kitty’s food. It will read your kitty’s microchip and only open for him/her.


      This feeder is the BOMB! 🙂

      • This is all great advice. Our dogs have been golden retrievers and Belgian Malinois-we haven’t had any problems with 2 generations of the goldens, but the Belgians, which are herding dogs, can be snappy with the kittens. We have a new kitten, so we have to be very careful, and we actually crate the dog if we aren’t home. She has some other separation issues, and it seems to work OK. She goes to work with my husband, so she isn’t crated more than a couple of hours at a time.

        To quote the Dog Whisperer-calm, assertive energy when you might have to correct the dog, to keep the energy levels low.

        Honestly, we have had much more trouble introducing our new cats to the resident cats, than with the dogs. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing, but vigilance is the key!

    • Thanks GD and Maureen! I don’t know anything at all about introducing cats and dogs, so I’m glad you guys were able to give advice. 🙂

  2. the toy didn’t smell right. and that was that 🙂

    Btw, why did you let your kittens grow up into cats? make them stop that.