8-28-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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Juniper leaps! She… misses! This video kills me dead – the nails scraping on the wall, the thud. If I’d realized she was going to jump for the feather teaser, I’d have leaned back a bit. I just expected her to bat at it! (No kitten was harmed in the making of this video.) (Also, I had to slow it down because Instagram requires videos to be at least 2 seconds long – and making it slo-mo just makes it funnier!)

#Hemlock likes to hang out under this picture of #MizPoo. He thinks she’s purrrty.

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Nope, she certainly could NOT be any cuter. (And yes, she IS the cutie-pie!)

#Privet is chilling out, floofily.

Juniper wishes you a happy #Toesday! She’ll be an “only child” for the day, since Hemlock and Privet are off for spaying and neutering.

“Am I crazy, or is something missing here?!” #Hemlock #Tutored

#Privet loves to be held on her back like a baby – she just lays there and purrrrrrs.

Nobody eats alone when #Hemlock is around! #Juniper

She’s got her basket and her toys… Bring on #Caturday! #Juniper

#Caturday is EXHAUSTING. #Hemlock

“HI Unca Archie!”
“Hi, kid. This bed is occupado. Go play.”

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Juniper is one nutty little kittygirl – and here’s your proof.

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::crunch:crunch:crunch:: #Privet #Hemlock


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8-28-16 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Robyn, I don’t believe I’ve thanked you lately for your weekend round-ups. I don’t do social media (because it’s -well, “social”) and I always enjoy the extra day of kitteny goodness. Even when I don’t get to it until Sunday evening.
    So, “THANK YOU!!!!”