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Sweet Petey Pickle in the sun.

Bath time for Petey.

“What?” (Note the tiny little bit of tongue sticking out of his mouth.)

Such a little stressball, that Petey.

“What’s going on up THERE?”

“And what’s going on over THERE?”

“Here, little bro, let me clean your ear… Uh oh. The lady saw us snuggling!”

“We have to pretend to be mortal enemies so she doesn’t think we secretly like each other!”
“Save me, Joe! SAVE ME from Petey!”
“Have we met?”

Percy, how do you stay so cute?

“Let me tell you, lady. It’s EXHAUSTIN’!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“This my box. You go ‘way.”
“There’s room in there for me!”

“NO room in the box! See? I take up the whole box!”
“There’s plenty of room over there. You just have to move your tail.”

(Thistle distracts Dandelion from the box by starting a fight over by the scratcher.)

(Luckily, Dandelion is easily distracted.)

“HA. Now the box is MINE.”

“That MY box!”
“No way. Possession is nine-tenths of the paw, so HA ON YOU.”

(Slap fight.)

“GET OUT. My box. MINE.”

Paw of Doom.

Ears of ::fume::

“MY MY MY MY BOX! Get out!”
“See? I told you we could both fit in it at the same time!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today’s Crooked Acres Cover Boy? Sugarbutt!

Oh, how I love his stripes.

He has SUCH a serious face. You’d never know what a (people) lover he is! Well. I guess I should say he’s a Robyn-and-Fred lover. When strangers come to visit, he runs upstairs and hides under the comforter on Fred’s bed.


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8-28-12 — 43 Comments

  1. I think I would have to adopt Tony and Dandelion as a pair! They crack me up!!! Both of them are the teeniest little things!!!
    Sugarbutt is quite the handsome man!

  2. Good morning. Great pictures, as always. You guys stay safe and as dry as possible down there @ Crooked Acres. Maybe the rain will blow in another kitten.

    • Last night the doorbell rang, and when Fred went to answer it, I saw the teenage girl who lives two doors down. The one who brought us the Cookies and (more recently) Stompers. My heart sank – I was sure Fred was going to come back in the house with a kitten (or a litter of them!), but she just had a question for him. No kittens! THIS time, anyway. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my goodness, itty bitty baby girl slap fight is hilarious, precious, and fear-inspiring (had to throw that one in there to make the girls feel good) all at the same time. How old are the Pickles and the Weeds again?

    Serious question… My newest litter are roughly five weeks old (smaller and a bit behind because there were so stinking many of them) and snacking time with the stinky food turns into a ridiculously cute kitten mosh pit. Kittens standing in the food, kittens laying in the food, kittens rolling in the food… all to get the best eating spot. Someone invariably gets squeezed out. Help a newbie out. How old are they before they develop mealtime manners? And do you have a trick for keeping this from happening? ((I should add that I can’t do the chip and dip platters with them yet… or at least it’s easier for me not to with the mixing/KMR/etc))

    • The Weeds are 6 weeks, and the Pickles are 8 weeks old.

      I think that in the next week (maybe two, since they’re a little behind), your guys should start getting the hang of it; I know that the Weeds were much messier eaters this time last week, and now they’re polite little ladies (for the most part – they still occasionally like to walk around with food on their noses from time to time!) I don’t actually have any tips – it’s a learning process for them and I think you have to let them figure it out. God knows I’ve said “Why are you WALKING through the food, howling about how hungry you are, silly?!” many a time. πŸ™‚

    • Schuster didn’t develop proper eating skills until he went up for adoption. Some kitties just believe whole heartily in the “I touched it, it’s mine! I licked it, it’s mine! I stepped in it IT IS MINE BACK OFF!!” philosophy

  4. “Ears of fume” BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    If I had to pick a favorite permanent resident it would be Sugarbutt. I love orange boys and his name makes me giggle every time….don’t tell him that though.

    • No, the Weeds are in the foster room (upstairs) and the Pickles are in the guest bedroom (downstairs) and they haven’t had any face-to-face time with any of the permanent residents. The Pickles are due their first vaccinations on the 9th, so probably after that they’ll be allowed to explore the rest of the house and get to know the permanents.

      But in any case, Sugarbutt has NO use for kittens. In fact, the only other adult cat he likes is his brother Tommy (everyone loves Tommy). πŸ™‚

  5. Sugarbutt is so ridiculously handsome. I love when you feature his picture! I’m a sucker for reddish-orange tabbies after adopting one myself! They’re special kitties.

  6. Sugie – that first photo is Cosmo centerfold worthy!! And the second reminds me of Sean Connery….me-WOW!

    Love the perky Pickles! And I’m so happy to see the wee Weeds a fightin’ and a playin’ like they feel so much better. Now if little Dandy’s eyes would just stop looking so weak, though I know the drops have a lot to do with that.

    “Possession is nine-tenths of the paw”….a law my cats are quite familiar with, along with pleading the Fifth when a poo is found outside the box!! πŸ™‚

  7. How do you keep from stroking and petting Petey’s whiskers? I could make a serious habit out of running my fingers over his cheek.

    • Oh believe me, Petey loves to have his whiskers stroked, and he gets plenty of it – when he’s not trying to nurse on my shirt, that is. πŸ™‚

  8. ROFL at ‘Ears of Fume’… that’s the Cat Body Language indicator that follows just after ‘Ears of Annoyance’ and just before ‘Ears of I CUT U’, right?

  9. Love the ying and yang fighting over the box. Of course, it’s more like paw ‘o doom and ears of fume, I guess. They are so dear. Awww, Petey Pickle’s shiny sun-kissed whiskers.

    Sugarbutt is such a pretty boy. So perfectly striped!

  10. Those kittens are so cute fighting over the box or just playing in general. Sugarbutt is so handsome. Loved all the great pictures.

  11. I love when they have their tongues sticking out!! I always reach for my camera, but half the time, they’ve stuck it back in before I can catch a shot!! Boogers!! I was at petsmart the other day, and one of the story cards said that cat has been rescued from a really old lady who was a cat hoarder. The card said, “I know I’m not a cute kitten anymore.” Wah!! Who would write that?! This cat was being totally cute, all curled up and sleeping with it’s tongue way out!!

    One or two of my cats will hid under the comforter when strangers come over. Its not obvious at all that there’s a cat there, is it? Nah, everyone has a big, round pillow in the middle of the bed. That breathes and purrs.

    • Maybe the “I know I’m not a cute kitten anymore” was a subtle way of keeping away the wrong adopters (someone who just wants a cute kitten) and alerting the RIGHT adopters. At least, I’ll try to think positive. πŸ™‚

      Baby girl slap fight adorableness!

      • I’m thinking this, OR they were trying to make people feel like “Awwwww!” for the kitty. God knows I’m seriously considering getting melodramatic about Tony RHP’s fight back from the BRINK OF (dramatic music) DEATH when it’s his turn to go to Petsmart!

  12. Nothing is cuter than a kitten wrasslin’ match! I loved those “Ears of ::fume::” πŸ™‚

  13. Sugarbutt and his sultry eyes! He’s so cute! Hides under the comforter as in crawls under the comforter itself or under the bed as a whole? If he crawls under the comforter… I’m gonna need video! lol!

    Ok, I was reading a doggy bloggy, (they donated to our fundraiser, don’t jugde, lol) and they had a chart of dog names. http://dakotasden.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/how-did-you-name-your-dog/ Down near the bottom it has a list of the stranges names according to petfinder. The first one.. Polly Picklepuss!!!!! I went, say what?? I know Polly Pickle! But Picklepuss?? Well she is a pickle and she is a puss… but then I realized, duh, they’re talking about dogs! There is a dog out there with your foster’s name!! Pardon me, but I am seriously laughing at the thought of your Polly Pickle puss having the same name as a doggy Polly Picklepuss! And pardon me for saying it over and over.. Polly Picklepuss Polly Pickle puss!! It just rolls off the tongue!

  14. Ears of ::fume::—that is frickin hilarious! Oh if I had a nickel for how many times I see those babies at my house!! Thanks for the phrase!!