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In case you missed it in Thursday’s comments, Kristyn gave us a Stompers update. Shockingly (NOT), that little monkey is doing really well:

Stompers is great! He has been very busy growing so he sleeps tons. I joke that he is just like my sons. He wants to play nonstop, then wants sleepy snuggles, then falls into a truly unwakeable sleep. Just to start the whole thing over again. We took him in for a vet visit just to get him set up with our vet. He got a completely clean bill of health and charmed everyone there. He’s even slowly warming up his new sister, Wisp. Little man knows how to get in good with everyone around!

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There were no adoptions of any of my fosters, including Razzie, over the weekend. Kathie reported that they put Razzie in with Kohle, and the kittens were playing with each other, leaping off the top of the litter box onto each other, wrestling, and biting each other on the butt. Which doesn’t sound like Razzie at ALL, she’s such a quiet, subdued little lady, right? I’m glad she’s got another active kitten to keep her company.

Razzie was on the news Friday, being her usual adorable self.

(Link to the video is no longer valid, sorry!)

Mustang, the other kitten on the news with Razzie, was adopted Saturday.

I imagine that with Labor Day coming up in a week, adoptions may be slow this week. Of course I’ll let you know if anyone’s adopted.

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Polly on the little cat tree (before we moved the Pickles to the guest bedroom downstairs.)

Is she not the sweetest, fuzziest, most kissable girl EVER?

Check out that spotted belly. Simply divine.

Joe and Tonyย Rocky Horror Pickle are buddies. They’re very often either curled up together sleeping, or play-fighting.





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We had a brief time over the weekend where I was a bit concerned, because Thistle wasn’t interested in eating. Despite her refusal to eat – and fighting me tooth and claw when I tried to get some Nutri-Cal into her – she did not stop playing for one instant. She clearly felt fine – maybe she was on a diet. Or maybe it was the food I was offering. I changed that up, and as of yesterday she was eating again, though maybe not as much as I’d like her to be eating.

These girls are by far the least food-interested kittens I’ve ever had. Usually by the time I’ve had kittens for almost a week, when I walk into the foster room and then into the closet (it’s a huge closet, and there’s a small dresser in there, atop which I prepare their snack), they follow me in and meow at me (though they’re not usually to the screaming-at-the-top-of-their-lungs stage yet). The Weeds, though, slowly follow me into the closet – maybe, if they’re not doing something more interesting – and smack at my toes (they are toes-obsessed), then when I walk back into the room and put their plates down, they’ll mosey over to see what I’m doing. Then I have to put each of them in front of a plate, and they sniff and sniff some more, think about it, and then finally start eating.

I guess they are polite little LADIES, rather than the screaming ruffians I’m accustomed to.

“This seems like an excellent place to sleep.”

Thistle loves to stick her paws through the holes of the giant Croc bed.

She’s a busy, busy girl.

Purslane is skeptical.

Fred says her markings make her look like she’s always worried about something.

Silly, fuzzy little Dandelion.

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You saw the Crooked Acres cover girls last week. Now it’s time for you to see each of the boys – and we’ve got a lot of boys ’round here!

Sweet old man Spanky in his box. There’s nothing that boy loves as much as a good box.


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8-27-12 — 37 Comments

  1. Perhaps you should arrange for a butler to serve a dainty tea to their Ladyships?
    Love the pictures today ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I have a friend who picks up mismatched china saucers at Goodwill or other thrift shops, and she does serve her cats their food upon them!

      • My cat had 7 teeth extracted last week! He went from an all dry food diet to canned food. He wasn’t eating at all for a few days (2 emergancy vet visits – gaaaaah) and I was trying every canned food I could find. This resulted in at least 4 different colored Fiestaware plates on the floor at all times. Very colorful! CJ seems to like the food on the chartruese plate the best. Sigh.

        What canned food do you feed your adult cats?

        • Depending on what I have on hand, they get either Wellness Turkey or Earthborn Holistic um… whatever the chicken kind they have is called. Chicken Catcciatori! Very rarely they might get a can of Earthborn Holistic Monterey Medley.

          It’s amazing how much food you end up wasting when you’re trying to determine what they’ll eat, isn’t it? I tried every flavor of Wellness to see what they liked (there’s a flavor of Wellness other than the turkey that they’ll eat, but I can’t think of what it is at the moment – salmon, maybe?).

          Poor CJ!

          • We have one that will only eat Wellness Turkey as well. She had a stretch where she would only eat the Wellness Chicken, and now she turns up her nose at it. Brat. I’m just waiting for her to tire of the turkey. Then I have no idea what we’ll do… At least the other one will eat anything. And everything.

            • When our inside cats (and kittens) stop eating one kind of canned food or another, we start giving it to the outside cats. The outside cats are a lot less finicky than the spoiled inside cats! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I am kind of ticked at my vet. CJ was in for a checkup july 2011 and no mention was made of any bad teeth. A year later SEVEN had to be removed??? (2 canine “fangs” and 5 others) He just turned 8 – not that old – I don’t understand how they could have gone so bad in one years time. The surgeon said they must have been very painful because when he was under anesthesia he could still feel the pain. When I heard that I just started to cry.

            Anyway, I have been buying Fancy Feast and Iams in every flavor just to get him to eat something. He favors the fish stuff and chicken and turkey pate. His appetite has returned over the last few days…thank God. I am hoping he doesn’t think 4 flavors of food is the norm. Sigh.

            I’ll go to PetSmart and get a sampling of Wellness cans and see how it goes. Thank you so much for the tip and thank you for taking care of all those kitties. CJ thanks you too.

            • Good luck, Ibby! And I don’t blame you, I’d be ticked off at my vet, too. Poor CJ – but he’s lucky to have you to bend over backwards for him!

  2. SPANKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart. I love that old man.

    My new babies moved in yesterday. Good grief are they teeny! I’ve had to do the same thing… put them all in front of the plate. I’ve also had to take them out of the center of the plate and wash the food off their feet… and show them where their bed is because they’re sleeping in the litter box (and pluck litter off their noses because it’s stuck there and they just don’t care)

    • Isn’t the difference between them and your older bunch amazing? I love when they’re that small, but I told Fred last night that I prefer them to be a little older because at that age, they seem so fragile. I have to be careful with the Weeds girls, but I feel like I can aggressively kiss and cuddle the Pickles and won’t hurt them. And god knows I love to aggressively kiss those brats. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes, when Eloise starts to look big in comparison you KNOW they’re extra teeny. I am so afraid I’m going to squish the Adams family (obligatory snaps). Also worried that I’ll do something wrong with them… so delicate compared to the Washingtons (but no ringworm, so that’s a point in their favor). They’re 5 weeks old, but so teeny since they were part of such a large litter. I can’t wait to watch them grow.

  3. Hi Robyn, A mother with 2 5 1/2 year old girls did look at the Maters. She decided they were too small for the girls. They adopted Mustang. They are looking for another adolescent kitten. If a guy doesn’t come back for Chaucer on Tuesday (already approved), Kathy will call her. Hopefully, Razzie being with Kohle will show them both and result in her (and Kohle’s) forever home. Their cage was probably totally destroyed within 30 minutes of their very active play.

    • I am so glad that Razzie’s got someone to play with. Not that I think she was particularly lonely, but every kitten needs a playmate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh Razzie!! Beautiful Razzie!! Please please please find a home!! What a great news clip!!!

    Over 100 cats needing homes!! That is so so so sad!!!

    Take care

  5. Spanky is the sweetest, and Signor TRH Picklepants is looking so very healthy — yay. Hope the wee Weeds decide that food is of greater interest than toes. So pleased that Razzie has a new friend, and here’s hoping the best family ever discovers the little cottontail soonest.

  6. In the picture of the Weed in the track ball toy (Dandelion?) she looks a little like Yoda.

  7. Spanky, you rock. I love your handsome face!

    And loving the pot-bellied piglets that have clearly taken over Crooked Acres.

  8. Sweet Razzie, I can’t believe no one has snapped you up yet.

    LOVE the picture of Dandelion in the play wheel.

  9. I’ve been reading for awhile and this is one of my favorite sites on the interwebs. Thanks for all you do!

    A few weeks ago I found a kitten starving in a campground looking like something had caught her by her tail and her tail was skinned when she got away. Nasty tail aside, she was the sweetest thing. Sheโ€™s a tortie and since she looks like a Halloween cat I named her Boo. I took her home with us and the information I found reading this website and these comments made me SURE I could introduce Boo to my other cat Annie. AND IT WORKED! Two weeks later Annie and Boo are fast friends. They chase each other around the house and the yard and Iโ€™ve even surprised them canoodling and grooming each other. Although they look a little abashed when theyโ€™re discovered. Anyway, I was finally prompted to comment on your awesome website because I need to get Boo a collar. I love the crocheted (?) collars you have on your kittens, where do you get them?

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Razzie and hoping the weeds thrive! My older cat Annie is also not terribly interested in food (she’ll walk away from chicken baby food – the weirdo). I often wonder if her sense of smell is messed up. She was pretty congested when I found her (also starving in a different campground โ€“ soon I will be banned from camping). Sometimes I try to heat up her food to make it smellier, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. She’s a petite kitty, but is very healthy and active so I don’t worry (too much)!

    I should let you know that Boo checked out at the vet and is VERY healthy. We had to amputate her tail, but itโ€™s not slowing her down in the slightest. Sheโ€™s disease free, has all her vaccinations, uses her litterbox like a champ (no misses!) and is a lover of being held, having her belly rubbed, and laying in the middle of the floor. Weโ€™ll get her fixed as soon as she fully recovers from her tail surgery and puts on a little weight.

    • There are some people who, I swear, just attract kittens! Five bucks says next time you go camping…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Boo (love the name!) sounds like a little cutie pie, and I’m so glad that she and Annie are best friends. Annie and Boo are lucky girls to have found you!

      I get my collars – which are crocheted – on Etsy at Crochet Pet Collars. They’re a little bit pricey ($16 each), but really really worth it. They’re so soft and comfortable that the kittens never even seem to notice that they’re wearing them. She had a sale a few weeks ago where she was selling them for $12 each so I stocked up for the future.

  10. as for kittens that are not eating.. you might want to consider getting them dewormed again. Sometimes when the parasites are bad kittens go off their food. Then again, they could just be small eaters, I get them from time to time and I totally agree they are completely frustrating. There is little I like more then watching kittens eat

    • Isn’t it amazing how clean he is? I swear, I hardly ever see him cleaning himself, but he always stays glowing white. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Even Spanky’s chin is sparkling white! I swear, Jinx has the dirtiest looking chin, and he is only a little over 2. I know it comes from eating can food, and since he is a tuxie, it stands out against the black around his chin. I swear I’m going to scrub him with some Dawn (like the oil-covered birds on the commercials) one of these days when he is drinking out of the kitchen sink! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Little Thistle Weed with her head against the giant croc bed is gorgeous. Looks like she’s trying to push it across the room! very cute.
    And that little Tony RH Pickles just cracks me up. I am the boss of you indeed! Hey, you ought to let little mr Tony RH Pickles go in and meet the ladies…