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It rained a lot on Monday and it rained a lot more yesterday, but I still collared up the boys and opened the back door so they could go into the back yard, because if I don’t let them outside, they drive me NUTS with the big hopeful eyes and the repeated attempts to herd me toward the back door so that I can see that the door Must! Be! Opened!

Most of the cats will stick their noses out the back door, see that it’s raining, and come back inside to pout. Tommy does not. Tommy LOVES to be out in the rain. When it is raining, Tommy runs outside, does a lap around the back yard, and then sits on the patio under a chair – which doesn’t shelter him from the rain at ALL – until he’s drenched. And then he comes inside and gets up on my desk and gets everything all wet while he grooms himself for half an hour, and then he runs back outside, does a lap around the yard and ends up on the patio again.

I have never seen a cat so completely unbothered by getting drenched. Weirdo. He loves being outside more than any of our cats. If we didn’t live so close to the road, I’d seriously consider letting him become an outdoor cat.

Well. No, I probably wouldn’t. I’d worry about him too much!



Kara had a bit of a down day yesterday; she acted quiet and kind of reserved, not at all like her usual super-friendly “Pet ME! No, ME, not those kittens!” self. Fred thought that she was coming to the realization that her kittens weren’t coming back and perhaps grieving a little. I don’t know about that – maybe he’s right – but I was relieved this morning to find that she’s back to normal. At least she’s got Zoe and Kaylee to keep her company and to play with. She’s approaching our downstairs cats more and more often, and if there’s an altercation between any two cats, she’s Johnny-on-the-spot, there to supervise the smackdown and perhaps do a little smacking and hissing herself.


Newt always finds the most interesting out-of-the-way places to snooze.


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