8-26-16 Friday

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Question for the L&H Community: Our oldest cat, Stella, is a 14.5 years old Angora-mix and has lost too much weight-she is down to 7.5 lbs. from her normal 10+ lb. weight. She recently started hyperthyroid meds, and when the vet retested her the thyroid numbers were good. But, she didn’t gain any weight in the 2-month period between starting to take the meds and the re-weigh. We bought a pet scale and are weighing her weekly, and she has actually lost a few ounces over the past few weeks. We feed our four cats Wellness Core Original dry and canned, and she likes the canned well enough, but isn’t too fond of the dry anymore. I think it may be a tooth issue (she’s prone to tartar), but don’t want to put her under to have them cleaned right now due to her weight loss and her tendency to be very sensitive to any procedure/meds (I’m surprised the hyperthyroid meds haven’t bothered her–knock on wood). So, here’s the question (well, 2): 1) Robyn, what is the name of the stuff you give to older cats to help with nutrition/appetite? 2) For everyone–any suggestions as to what is best to help her “pack on the pounds”? What about kitten food–any suggestions? I know that’s good for pregnant mama cats, so I am thinking of trying it. Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance. Stella is just the sweetest, best cat and it kills me whenever I pick her up and feel how light and bony she has become.

There were several suggestions in the comments – you can see them here – but I wanted to post Lisa’s question in today’s post for anyone who missed it in the comments and wants to chime in.

And the name of the supplement we give older cats is Liqui-Tinic. We get ours at Amazon and always keep it on hand. We first got it from a vet for Spanky, and I am positive that we can thank Liqui-Tinic for helping us get several more good months with him.

(I swear, at some point I’m going to put everything I recommend on one page so y’all can find it easily.)


Am I the only L&H fan that takes it kinda personally when one of “our” kittens is returned??

I always feel personally offended at first, even though I know it’s got NOTHING at all to do with me, and most of the time it’s got NOTHING to do with the cat. I try to just be glad that they (1) remembered that they could return the cat to Challenger’s House, and (2) actually did return the cat to Challenger’s House rather than dump him or her at a shelter, but it’s hard!


Re: dog bed

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That is WAY too cute!


That is one huge nipple being used there.. you have luck with that? No wonder I have problems getting kittens to latch on.

We fed all of the Squash Bugs, Swimmers, and BeeBees with that one nipple last year. Something about it made it the favorite – they would grudgingly use other nipples, but that exact nipple was the one they always preferred. Right up until Badger bit the end off of it and made it unusable!

I’ve gotten a pack of Miracle Nipples since then, since so many other fosterers raved about them, but of course I haven’t had any bottle babies since, so I can’t swear by them.

And as a bonus, here are Calabash and Pattypan nursing from that nipple last year. OH, those wiggly ears!

YouTube link


How’s Archie’s foot doing after its Stefaning? Please pass on skritches to those boys – I’m cat-crushing hard on both, and simply cannot take sides!

Archie’s foot is just fine now. He limped around on three legs for three or four days after the vet drained the abscess, but now he’s back to using all four legs and giving Stefan the Look o’ Hate.


Juniper, chilling with her teddies.

Privet, snoozing in her condo.

“Lady, just pick me up. You know you wanna!”

Juniper is such a gorgeous sleek panther girl.

Delightfully floofy.

“Lady, you need a pedicure but gee, your toes smell terrific!”


Video. Juniper spotted Fred outside, mowing the lawn, and started digging at the window. And then she just kept on digging!

YouTube link


Oh, look. It’s Stefan, sleeping. We NEVER see that!


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  1. Who was the maker and what was the model of that beloved nipple? Can they still be purchased?

  2. Juniper digging at the window: my Jack (also black) digs enthusiastically at windows and mirrors.

  3. Juniper! She must adore Fred. She reminds me of that kitty at Tabby’s Place who would paw at a window as potential adopters passed by, seeking attention. Guess what: she got adopted!

  4. We have a cat named Robyn in our cat room right now! And no I had nothing to do with it… Although a “Fosters I Know” naming theme sounds like a good one if I ever get the chance to name any… We’ve been overrun with litters of boys this month and they zoom out before they get named, in most cases.

  5. My 13 year old boy just got diagnosed with early renal failure about 2 weeks ago. He was checked for hyperthyroidism first cause he lost weight quickly, but his thyroid levels were normal. Can’t get him to eat the renal food to save my life! Gerber chicken baby food, warmed, bowl raised, etc. Any way, it appears to be a pretty common cat thing and it appears a lot of people agreed on the original comment to have him checked for renal failure. I’ve been looking at this site a lot to try and figure things out: http://www.felinecrf.org/index.htm
    She has a list of foods to feed, etc. Hope this helps! I know this diagnosis rocked my world a bit, my boy is everything to me!

    • My Emma won’t eat a thing. I have bought EVERYTHING (foods and brands) under the sun. She won’t even eat the regular food she had eaten the past 15 years. I have been syringe feeding her for the past year. I have 2 30cc syringes that I suck wet renal food into (Royal Canin) after I put it through the blender so it won’t plug up the syringe. I force feed it to her five times a day. That is about the max she will tolerate from me. If you find the “magic bullet”, please please let me know. She was a 12 lb cat. She is now 7 lbs. Skin and bones. I will check out the website you provided. Please keep us posted.

      • Have you talked to your vet about appetite stimulants? I know a friend of mine had to get those for her cat in a similar situation.

    • Ok…I am going to try Dave’s Restricted Diet Magnesium and Phosphorus Pork Dinner for Cats. I ordered it off of Amazon! Pray, else I wasted another $50. If she would just eat!!!

      • I don’t know if you have a Pet People store by you, but they sell Dave’s in store. I couldn’t get Murphy to eat that one either though. Connie is 100% right low protein is exactly the reason the food isn’t enticing. I’m now going to try one of the lower phosphorus, high quality protein, grain free brands (BFF by Weruva). Luckily my guy will eat the Prescription Science Diet k/d dry food, just not enough of it to keep the weight on. So frustrating and upsetting. Not looking forward to where CKD normally ends up…trying to enjoy every moment with him.

    • renal food is low protein food, which is actually the exact opposite of what an obligate carnivore needs. It is thought that it is good because it works for humans.. but cats aren’t humans.

      High-quality high protein diets help cats in renal failure keep and maintain their weight. Remove plant based ingredients which are hard on the cat’s system and produce more waste.

  6. Lisa, I agree with everyone that said to feed Stella whatever she’ll eat. Also, I used to give cyproheptadine to kittens that wouldn’t eat. It’s an appetite stimulant. But ask your vet about it, of course, because I don’t know about using it with her condition.

  7. For our older babies, Lizzie Bean and Malzer, we give a daily supplement: vitamin paste for senior cats. Lizzie, who won’t eat ANYTHING but her dried food, loves this. When our babies need some enticement to eat, chicken baby food seldom fails. When our beloved Rufio got sick, that is what he would/could eat. Good luck, Lisa!

    Out of all the cats we loved, TC (Thunderclap Newman) is the only one who “sharpens his claws/digs” on our glass door. Watching Juniper was like watching TC go at it on our sliding door!

  8. I used the Miracle Nipple with Music and Tempo when they were tiny and I was supplementing them. It worked better than a syringe or a regular bottle, but I still couldn’t get them to latch on. I have never fostered bottle babies before though, so maybe I am just not very good at getting them to latch on.

    • Don’t laugh, but I found that if you go in at a slight angle and slightly angled up toward the roof of their mouth, they latch on better. But that my just be coincidence.

  9. We have one that loves to dig as well. Especially at the door length mirror on the bedroom door. In fact last night when my husband and I just turned out the light and were climbing into bed we hear this quiet little click. The hubby asked, “What was that?” and I let him know it was Pippin closing the door. He hadn’t heard him digging at the mirror so had no idea how or why Pip closed the door. The other cats who were climbing into bed with us for the night took off out the door as soon as I opened it. It was quite amusing to watch. And of course as soon as they realized nothing special was going out there they all came back to settle in.

  10. My cat Oreo digs at things. I swear she can sense the ghosts in the walls because that is what she digs at the most. Speaking of her, I have a question–lately she has become overly wanting of affection and sleeping a lot. I know cats sleep a lot but it seems a bit more than usual. With the affection thing, she used to sleep on my lap when she was a baby and then she stopped and hasn’t for a few years but all of a sudden she wants to be with me always. Other than a medical issue (which I am scheduling a checkup to be sure of things) what else would make them “clingy”? We’ve been back from vacation for about a month now even though we were gone a long time. Could she be trying to make sure I don’t leave again?

    • Being gone can make them clingy, but also if they don’t feel well. So, I would say that if her check up comes up clean, then she doesn’t want you to ever leave her like that again! 🙂

    • I agree with GD – as long as her check up is okay, it just means she missed you and doesn’t want you to go away again. 🙂

  11. My Annie and Boo both scratch at our glass doors like that when they want in or out. The best part is the wide-eyed, slightly panicked, look they get on their face as they dance from side to side while scratching. I can’t help but laugh at them. Which offends their dignity terribly!

    Good luck all with the cats that won’t eat. That is maddening!