8-25-16 Thursday

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TBT: Ambercup

This time last year we had, among other kittens, this little muffin right here:

That was Ambercup, from the Squash Bugs litter, who is now Amber. This is what she looks like now:

Didn’t she grow up to be one gorgeous girl? The white feet just kill me. She’s so PRETTY.

(Thanks for sharing, Debra!)

PS: I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year since I last had bottle babies!


I should have mentioned in yesterday’s post that Hemlock and Privet came through surgery just fine. He was high as a kite when I got them home, and she didn’t want to do anything but sleep in her carrier, so I made sure they had food and water, and shut them in their room for the night. Yesterday morning, he acted like he had no idea anything had happened, and she was a little slower and slept most of the day, but by last night, she was back to normal, too.

As of last night, Juniper was still hissing at Privet (and Privet was hissing back), I’m sure she’ll get over it in another day or so.

Juniper, before she managed to take off her collar (I still haven’t found it, but that’s okay – I have a LOT of collars, and she’s now wearing a lighter pink one).

It’s a rough, rough life.

“We is tryin’ to nap, lady. You go ‘way.”


Privet in the window, a little annoyed.

Silly boy (he stopped mid-bath to see what Uncle Stefan was doing).

Pre-spayed belleh.

Nap time makes this boy HAPPY.

“Hi, Unca Archie.” Hemlock hung there for a moment and then hissed and ran off. Archie, on the other hand, was slightly curious and just looked at him. Archie isn’t interested in the kittens, exactly, but he’s not not interested, either.

That boy certainly does throw himself into nap time.

Juniper and the rocking chair scratcher. That rocking chair scratcher came from Home Goods. They’re not nearly as interested in it as I’d hoped they would be.

Admire the belleh – but more, admire that HUGE back foot. I swear he could wear one of my shoes.

Juniper gets her Kravitz on. “ABNER! They’re cooking out AGAIN.”

Video! When playing with the Bergan Turbo track, the kittens have learned that teamwork is key. Or something.

YouTube link


“What, lady, WHAT? What you WANT? Take my PICTURE and go AWAY, please.”

YouTube link


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8-25-16 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. How thoughtful of Amber’s humans to decorate to match her beautiful fur ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hemlock throwing himself into naptime cracked. me. up. !!

  2. Ambercup turned into one beautiful girl… I kinda wish I’d been able to foster some bottle babies, but it didn’t happen this year.

    Is the hissing between the girls because Privet smelled of the vet after her spay?

    I guess Juniper thought she didn’t need that collar anymore, now that her brothers are at Petsmart.

    • Yeah, you’ve had your hands full!

      Yes, it’s due to the smell – though I’ll note that Juniper hasn’t been hissing at Hemlock at all, so maybe part of it is that the girls aren’t BFFs with each other the way they (especially Juniper) are with Hemlock.

      I still haven’t found the old collar. I wonder where on earth it could be – she must have a really good hiding place.

  3. Amber has such big beautiful eyes!! I’ve been re-reading all of the posts about the Squashies, so thank you for the perfectly timed update Debra!!

  4. Amber is bee-yoo-tea-ful!

    How are you feeling this AM Robyn? Did you get sniffed all over upon return to the house?

  5. Amber is in need of snacking. Kitchen minions, get it together! That is one confident and happy cat.

    I don’t know why I thought this, but I couldn’t figure out why you had a poster of Julie Nemar as Catwoman in that picture of Hemlock napping.

    Of course it’s sweet Miss Poo, a genuine cat lady.

  6. Alice is ‘twins’ with Nyx (my black female). The look of tolerance is exactly the same!

    Archie’s look cracked me up… “Where did you come from? Did you bring any food?”

  7. Okay, I love way too many of these photos..
    Amber, oh my isn’t she a tall lanky drink of water ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love the window photo.. and the pre-spay belly.. and Hemlock ‘hanging out’ with Archie.. and that rocker.. slightly jealous of that.. The HomeGoods in Portland never has cat stuff.
    Kravitzing.. it is too a word..

  8. Ok, I think I know who did Hemlock’s single eye liner. Alice has the opposite eye lined! And here I thought she didn’t have any use for kittens and she goes and gives him makeup tips! Hee hee Of course, if it’s merely a trick of the light and/or camera angle on Alice, I withdraw the comment.