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Pictures from my trip to Petsmart last Friday. I didn’t get pictures of all the cats, because the room isn’t all that well-lit, and I forgot to take my add-on camera light with me. Hopefully I’ll do better this Friday!

This sweet little monkey is Mrs. Boots.

She was adopted on Saturday, lucky girl! She was super sweet, but the other kittens racing around made her a little nervous. I barely had to touch her to get her to purr. Total lovebug.

Hattie, keeping an eye on the kittens (I hadn’t gotten to her cage yet, or you’d be seeing a picture of her racing around like a crazy thing. Of course, none of the pictures I took of her doing that came out this time around!)

Angelo came out of his cage, took a swipe at the feather teaser, and then climbed into the cat tower to hang out. I think he might not be very pleased with me.

Vinnie Verano (the orange classic tabby – love those swirls!) and either Frasier or Niles (I’m not sure which), acting like the crazy kittens they are.

Frasier, keeping an eye on me during a calm moment.

Niles, keeping an eye on the goings-on. He was also adopted on Saturday! So, there were two adoptions over the weekend, yay!

Vinnie (right), and Julep. Doesn’t Julep have a fabulous tail?

Sweet Marshall. Later, I had to lure him down from atop the cages. That boy loves to climb!

Java, who is Julep’s sister. (They also have a brother, Jigger. I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of him this time.)

Monday went a-climbin’.

Vinnie, hanging out atop the cat tower.

Julep. I really need to get a good close-up of her, she’s got some fabulous ear floof.

I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Blaster or Orlando, though they’re still there. Fingers crossed that at least SOME of them get adopted this week!


Exfoliation Monday, with Tricki.

She’s a very licky girl.

She licks and licks and licks.

She’s very dedicated to her job.

If licking doesn’t get the dry skin off, maybe a little nibbling will do.



What do you suppose happens if you put a pile of clean cat beds on the table and aren’t quick to put them away? Any guesses?

Sugarbutt is the day shift.

He’s a BIG fan of the tower of beds.

Alice takes the night shift. It’s a rough job, but SOMEONE has to do it.


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8-25-14 — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Robyn. How do you wash the cat beds? Are they the fuzzy kind? Do you de-fur them before you wash? I have been known to just buy new beds when they get too dirty/furry.

    • Some of them are the fuzzy kind. I usually run a cat brush over the beds to get the worst of the cat fur off (which isn’t particularly good for the brush or the bed, but it works pretty well) and then wash them on “heavy.” It doesn’t get every bit of the fur off, but it gets most of it off, and the cats don’t care. πŸ™‚

        • I’ve never gotten any clogs in the washer, but I always worry about it!

          A lint brush is a good idea – I used to use those sticky tape things, that you use to get cat hair off your clothes, but I was going through a lot of tape per bed, so it wasn’t very cost effective!

          • Believe it or not, the rubber glove trick works REALLY well on our cat beds! I put on a pair of the reusable cleaning gloves and a few minutes of rubbing around on the beds before tossing in the wash makes a huge difference. I used to try the tape lint rollers but went through a lot of them and this works even better!

  2. Speaking of Licki Tricki, I have a cat who licks ALL THE TIME, too. She was born to a feral mother but rescued in time to be mostly okay with people. (Okay, she likes me. And will tolerate members of my immediate family when they visit. She hides from everyone else.) But given half a chance, she will lick me and occasionally nibble. I don’t mind a little of it but is there any way to get her to stop without making her more skittish? Or should I just be thankful she has decided I’m worthy?

    • This is a good question! I’m going to post it in Friday’s post, but I’ve never successfully found a way to stop a super-licky cat from licking. If it starts to hurt I’ll usually hide my hands under the blanket, and Tricki gives up the licking and flops down for a nap. Maybe distracting her would work? Next time she starts, pull out a toy she likes and see if she’ll play with it and see if that works.

  3. sugarbutt’s expression cracks me up. My guess is that they’re feeling that little pea underneath the cat beds.


    • She was just the sweetest little thing! I’m not surprised that she was adopted so quickly.

      Tricki is VERY intense when she’s licking. She likes to do a good job! πŸ™‚