Kara & babies – 8-25-08

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River and Inara are now safely ensconced in their new home. Friday morning they were in rare form, racing around, fighting, just being little wild things. I got out the cat carrier and put it in the hallway so that when the time came to put them in it, I could just grab them and pop them in it without them fighting me.

Naturally, Zoe was all “Hey, this is cool! I like this!” and took up residence.

River and Inara fought with each other for a while, and when they calmed down I popped them in the carrier, and off they went. Given that the first time they were in a carrier and car (when they were going to be spayed and neutered), they got carsick, I thought to bring a damp rag with me, just in case, but luckily didn’t need it. Neither of them was happy about being in a carrier, and they howled and howled all the way to Madison. Inara even started foaming at the mouth. I talked to them all the way and petted their little heads as best I could through the top of the carrier. When we got to their new home, we went inside and I opened the carrier, and they started exploring. And exploring. And exploring. Inara – as always – took the lead in exploring, and they got a look at their new sister (who promptly ran off and hid) and they were both all wide-eyed and “This is cool! What’s this place, huh?” Neither of them seemed to be scared, though I’m sure they were a bit overwhelmed.

I stayed for half an hour or so – and got a look at their GORGEOUS new home, I almost asked if I could be adopted along with them! – and the entire time they ran around, poking their noses in all the corners, checking out the windows, checking out the new smells. I left, and K, their new mom, kept me up to date on how they were doing, which is so awesome. You know, usually our fosters are adopted out and that’s pretty much the last we hear of them unless their new parents think to email the shelter and let us know how they’re doing. This way, I get to hear how they’re doing straight from their new Momma’s mouth (or fingertips, I guess!).

Inara’s new name is Dora (I told K that I call her Dora the Explorer because she’s the first one to scope out new situations), and she mentioned that River might become Nate. Can I tell you how thrilled I am that they got adopted together? SO THRILLED, you have no idea!

All day Friday and Saturday Kaylee and Zoe were very quiet and seemed a bit confused, they spent all day hanging out on my bed. They seemed to know something was different, they just weren’t sure what. Kara, on the other hand, was like “What kittens?” and acted like her usual self. Sunday, Kaylee and Zoe started to come out of their shell and began coming downstairs to hang out a little. Kaylee’s actually started to “talk” a little, which she never did when Inara and River were here, so maybe she’s going to take on the outgoing wild thang role.

So, the house is quieter (and I miss seeing Inara walk across the room and stick her tail straight up in the air when I speak to her and seeing River’s sweet goofy little face), but everyone seems to be adjusting.




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