8-25-11 – Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-08-25 (1)
Autumn Clematis and Rose of Sharon. That’s one pretty big bunch of overgrown greenery in the back yard – no wonder the cats like hanging out out there.

2011-08-25 (2)
Tommy and Newt, hanging out by the fence.

2011-08-25 (3)
More Autumn Clematis, taking over the fence.

2011-08-25 (4)
Loony Jake, hanging out on the log Fred put there just so the cats could hang out on it. I like it when stuff works out like that.

2011-08-25 (5)
Volunteer Purslane, growing in one of the empty raised beds. I can see why this stuff is considered a weed – it won’t die, it just keeps coming back!

2011-08-25 (6)
Elwood, Tommy, and Kara. I’m in the little raised-bed garden, they’re in the back yard. They can’t come into the raised-bed garden because they’d have to go through the gate, which will set off their collars. They’re not happy with me at the moment.

2011-08-25 (8)
The Ghost Peppers are really starting to come in.

By the way, whoever it was that mentioned I’d want to wear a face mask while I deal with cooking/ powdering/ dealing with the ghost peppers, THANK YOU. I dehydrated four of them last week, and then put on gloves, a face mask, AND took the blender out onto the front porch to grind the peppers into powder. I can’t imagine how much my lungs would have hurt if I hadn’t been wearing a mask!

Also, Fred made Ghost Chili hot sauce over the weekend (outside on the hot plate). I haven’t tried it – and won’t – but he reports that the flavor is similar to that of Habaneros.

2011-08-25 (16)
One ripe Tabasco pepper.

2011-08-25 (9)
Blight, I think. It’s pretty much taken over all the tomatoes.

2011-08-25 (10)
Wee baby cabbage plants. Germination wasn’t great this time around; I think I’m going to just plant these in the raised beds and see how they do.

2011-08-25 (11)
Maxi keeps me company in the garden.

2011-08-25 (12)
Squash bug eggs, right before I squashed ’em.

2011-08-25 (13)
Wee baby acorn squash! They’re about two inches long.

2011-08-25 (7)
Wee baby Butternut Squash! It’s about three inches long.

2011-08-25 (14)
Lots of little Butternut Squash.

2011-08-25 (15)
Happy squash plants.

2011-08-25 (17)
Busy bee on a squash blossom.

2011-08-25 (18)
Begonia growing in a pot on the front porch.

2011-08-25 (19)
Happy Hydrangea (in the front flower bed; the Oak Leaf Hydrangea is growing on the side of the house near the stoop.)

2011-08-25 (20)

2011-08-25 (21)

2011-08-25 (22)

2011-08-25 (23)

2011-08-25 (24)

2011-08-25 (25)
“George go to pout. We stay here and wait for his snack.”

2011-08-25 (26)

2011-08-25 (27)
“I startin’ to think there’s no snack today.”

2011-08-25 (28)
“I hope there’s not a snack I’m missing out on. I don’t HEAR a snack.” Someone needs a haircut.

2011-08-25 (29)
Wandering chickens.

2011-08-25 (30)
Checking the tomato plant in case some tomatoes grew in the past ten minutes (hey, you never know).

2011-08-25 (31)
Roo keeping an eye on me…

2011-08-25 (32)
…with both eyes.

2011-08-25 (34)
Hello, gorgeous.

2011-08-25 (35)
Broody hen, sitting on eggs. Because what we need is more chickens.

2011-08-25 (36)
Volunteer squash plant, in the maternity yard. If I recall correctly, half of a spaghetti squash was tossed in there.

2011-08-25 (37)
Considering what to do next.

2011-08-25 (38)
Doing it. (Anyone who has chickens recognizes that stance and knows what that hen is doing. She’s laying something, but it’s not an egg.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-25 (39)
This stress can’t be good for her heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-25 (47)
“You go ‘way. We talkin’ ’bout you.”

2011-08-25 (40)
Poor Lucy Peppers. Minding her own business, making shadow monsters, and Everett’s gotta mess with her.

2011-08-25 (41)

2011-08-25 (42)

2011-08-25 (43)

2011-08-25 (44)
“Not sure you wanna do that, boy.”

2011-08-25 (45)
“I keel her, instead.”

2011-08-25 (46)
“Wait. Where YOU come from?!” Sisters stick together, y’know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-25 (48)
Spanky takes a sun bath.


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8-25-11 – Crooked Acres Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Your gardening reports are great,your chicken/ George and Gracie reports are great, your kitten reports are great.
    Thank you.

  2. So glad to finally know that the two trees (mine have been limbed up) beside my house are Rose of Sharon bushes!

    Love dem Peppers (kitten and vegetable)!

  3. So now that the kitty-cats are pavlov trained to their collars, how high is the fence they won’t go over?
    And how come Maxi was in the vegie garden with you?
    Spray neem oil on the tomato plants, infact, spray it on everything and it doesn’t even matter if it gets on the animals that are supposed to be there.
    So cabbages are a winter crop? Right, got it.
    The george and gracie captions crack me up and as for the ones for the Peppers – ‘I’keel you!!’ always makes me smile. and they all look so lethal. Lucy peppers is shadow dancing – awww, till that brother of hers comes along…

  4. We had a pumpkin sprout in the crack of the front patio after we make jack-o-lanterns out there. It took us a while to figure out what that weird plant was!