8-25-10 – The MMMs movies!

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Today, kitten movies for you!

First, someone requested a movie of Bolitar doing his Godzilla thing. It just so happened that I had the camera upstairs with me yesterday afternoon, and got some footage. I’m sorry about the shakiness; I’m apparently a 95 year-old woman with the palsy.

Three things to keep in mind:

1. I was so upset that he smacked Melodie (by the basket of toys) because I don’t like it when he actually makes contact with them, and she’s a sweet girl. I’m kind of protective of her, whereas I think Martin can hold his own if need be.

2. When I pick Bolitar up and he’s hissing and whining? He does that WHENEVER you do anything he doesn’t like. What a princess.

3. I DID NOT toss Bolitar over the door, even though it sounds like it. I set him gently down on the other side – but I banged my leg against the door as I did so, so it kind of sounds like I tossed him. Which I didn’t, even though he DESERVED IT.

YouTube link

YouTube link


That Marty, he’s a fighter AND a lover:

(YouTube link.)


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8-25-10 – The MMMs movies! — 15 Comments

  1. What weird sounds Bolitar makes when you pick him up! It’s as if he’s trying to reason with you.

    Keep on protecting the wee ones; they still need a mama cat to stick up for them!

  2. @Doodle Bean: I know! He usually grabs my arm with his claws, too (doesn’t dig in, just wants to let me know he means business). He’s a complainer, that one. πŸ™‚

    @Angie: What, you don’t like easy listening? πŸ™‚

  3. My Emma makes gerbil noises whenever you pick her up…even if she wants to be held. I liked the music…and Bolitar cracked me up when he swatted. I don’t think he appreciated you interupting his fun.

  4. Oh, Robyn or anyone out there….I have newly installed wood floors in my house and that includes the kitty room. I have large litterbox mats in front of the boxes, but litter is getting tracked everywhere. Any suggestions as I see you have hard wood floors also. Thanks.

  5. Awww Bolitar is Buster! He really does want to show the MMMs whose boss! Good grief! Martin is brilliant though! Awww hugs to Melodie!!

    Take care

  6. Hee hee that whine-growl sound is very much “I am displeased with you and shall let you know how wronged I am being wronged!”

    My cats will make that if I move them off a table or something and I imagine they are saying “Angry cat is angry!”

  7. GD, get a Roomba with pet attachment. The cats will get used to it. Ya never know, they might even ride on it.

    (Mine don’t, but they are so used to it, they only move when it is bumping them).

  8. Robyn, You could try letting Bolitar know who’s boss by picking him up, rolling him on his back and holding him. Do that periodically and his behavior may improve. It worked well for my Fuzz, who was abused for the first 6 month of his life. He had a fear aggression and biting problem.

    Asserting my dominance in a way he could understand (and didn’t hurt him at all) helped him relax and start to trust again.

  9. Oh my gosh! What a little terrorizer. He is so genuinely displeased about these kittens. And those poor baby’s faces when he was coming at them.

  10. You know, i thought the bookworms were getting all grown up but when Bolitar is in with the babies he’s not so big after all. And the growling is hilarious and cute.