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Today, three videos for y’all!

In the first, Ciara says “hi.” Watch all the way to the end to hear her loud, happy purr.

YouTube link

In the second, Molly reacts to Jake’s intrusion into her territory.

YouTube link

And in the third, the Peppers – already STRANGER DANGER! tense from the invasion of Jake – are startled by a certain evil man who thinks there’s nothing funnier than making a cat jump. (Note that after I told him a couple of times that he was evil, I asked if he’d gotten it on video. Heh.)

YouTube link

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Sheriff Mama likes to spend her days on the washer, which is by the back door. The metal keeps her tummy cool, and if anything happens in the back yard, she can zip out the back door to put the smack down on whatever needs smackin’.


2010: He’s kind of like Godzilla, all flailing around growling while tiny Martin and Dodger and Melodie and Moxie go running for their lives.
2009: “Dear lord, please let me catch the laser light, it’s all I want in this world, thank you. Amen.”
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8-24-11 — 15 Comments

  1. Love the videos! By the way, on Molly’s video, LOVE that song! Haven’t heard that in a long time! 🙂

  2. Hi Ciara! Your fans are here! And please tell Molly that here in England, we would say she’d “puffed up like a loo brush!”. So cute!

  3. As a Summer pastime at our house when we are sitting the backyard watching the squirrels grazing around the lawn we get long thin pieces of bamboo(13ft+) and gently poke the squirrels in to patooty. They jump straight up in the air about 5 ft. Yes it’s kind of evil but so funny.

  4. Ciara’s got a squeaky purr! That is too adorable! It’s all that stress she has… someone needs to oil her to run smoother. Maybe she needs some time in a spa to learn to relax?

    Love the poofed up babies! That was evil, but I’m glad you got it on camera!

  5. 1. I laughed EVEN HARDER the third time I watched the startling of the kittens. I too think there is nothing funnier than watching a cat become airborne.

    2. It’s now official. I wanna come live with you. (The final straw? You listen to music I love.)


  6. Bad, Fred, Bad boy. Scaring those poor kitties. Good thing they are young and have strong hearts!!! Ha Ha!

    Something about washing machines and kitties. They just love them. My cat has decided recently that he thinks it’s neat to jump behind the washer. Only problem, he gets stuck since the washer is in a closet and it’s quite tight behind/next the washer. He also isn’t much of a meower so I suddenly hear the metal sides of the washer popping as he’s pawing the sides trying to get my attention and his rescue him. He doesn’t seem to learn either. I have had to rescue him 3 times!

    • Time to put something on top of the washer to keep him off it. And wedge cardboard of something on either side of the machine, too!

  7. So I’m glad to see that my cats aren’t the only ones who play with the stick end of the feather wand!! I think Trixie would rather chew the stick over the feathers (well, what’s left after I got too close with the vacuum) any day.

  8. I love the second part of the second video, when Molly is all, “Pay attention to me, willya! I’m all puffed up here! Hey! Watch it! I’m all puffed up over here! Pay attention to me!!”

    I also love the jumping kittens video. I guess I’m evil, but I’m happy Fred got it on video. Finally, I love that you are giving Kara such a great life: cool tummy and periodic opportunities to kick ass, what could be better?