8-24-09 – True Blood Kittens.

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Jake and Elwood are neutered and have their vaccinations (they have to go back in September for their booster shots), and they are doing well. Fred let them out Saturday morning, and there’s been very little in the way of hissing and smacking. The big cats, for the most part, sniff them and then ignore them. Kara doesn’t care for them, but as long as they don’t get up in her grill, she mostly leaves them alone.

At this point, we’re keeping them out during the day and just putting them in the guest bedroom at night. I don’t expect we’ll need to do that much longer, though – they’re pretty quiet little things and mostly interested in playing (and snuggling) with each other.

Jake’s a talker and likes to walk through the house howling for no apparent reason, and they’re both pretty cuddly. They’re both fond of hanging out in Fred’s bedroom, and spent most of the day yesterday in there. They also like to hang out on their cat tree in the guest bedroom.

I think having the run of the whole house makes them a little nervous; unexpected noises startle them, and they go flying. I’m sure as they get more comfortable having all this space, they’ll calm down.

Or maybe not – they are kittens, after all.

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2009-08-24 (15)
Wild thang. They LOVE to jump from the top of this little pyramid/ condo to the cat tree.

2009-08-24 (16)
“Dear lord, please let me catch the laser light, it’s all I want in this world, thank you. Amen.”

2009-08-24 (17)
Can’t decide which toy to play with…

2009-08-24 (18)
“Whatchoo doin’ down there?”
“Nothin’. Whatchoo doin’ up there?”

2009-08-24 (19)
“I think you’re doin’ somethin’ down there and just not telling me about it.”
“Nope. Just watching the birds.”

2009-08-24 (20)
“I was not messing with the lens cap. Nope! Not me!”


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8-24-09 – True Blood Kittens. — 4 Comments

  1. They are such cuties! It looks like the pyramid is soft sided – is it? I am surprised it doesn’t collapse under their weight – unless they are still small enough that it isn’t a problem (I would think that it wouldn’t take much to collapes it in from the way it looks).

  2. Oh, Mr. Layfayette, you may look innocent, but we know better! And Mr. Sam, you just keep on prayin’ honey!

    Robyn, that pic of Mr. L is just begging for ICHC! Now if only I was clever enough to come up with a killer caption!