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Look, look, look! Do you recognize this sweet face?

Maybe these will jog your memory:

That is, indeed, the cat formerly known as wee Tony Soprano – now living in Witness Protection under the name Jack. We got an update on him back in February, at the end of this post.

Elizabeth said: Just wanted to drop you a hello and an update on our Jack (aka Tony Soprano). He is doing great, happy inside and out and is quite the hunter! He may have been the smallest in the litter, but he is now as strong and heavy as a cinder block! Thank you for your foster care !!

Thank you so much for the update, Elizabeth! I sure do love seeing his sweet face again.


“GIVE me your hand, lady, I’m not done licking you!”

The fur around her mouth is much thinner than the rest of her fur, so it looks like she’s wearing white lipstick, doesn’t it? (She’s not. Unless she’s been sneaking out to the dollar store at night!)

I just can’t get over her gorgeous, gorgeous eyes.

Sweet, silly monkey.


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I get my cat food and litter from Chewy. I usually buy my canned food at Petsmart because I never notice that I’m getting low on canned food ’til it’s a crisis situation. Last week, however, I thought ahead and ordered canned food from Chewy – I really like the convenience of having that stuff delivered right to my door, and if you order more than $49 worth of whatever you’re ordering, the shipping is free.

(Fred is always slightly embarrassed when the UPS guy pulls up to the garage and starts unloading boxes of litter. In fact, he apologized to the UPS guy, and you know what the UPS guy said? He said he LOVES it when he has to deliver all that litter to us, because he half clears his truck in one stop!)

But because I’d never ordered canned food from them before, I had no idea that they put these protective little cardboard boxes over the top of the cases of canned food, to protect them.

AND. Those boxes are the perfect size for other things.

Namely, a Tommy.

“What? I fit! I don’t CARE that the lady says I look like a loaf of bread that has risen over the sides of the loaf pan.”

The good thing is that since I ordered three cases of canned food, I got three of these little cardboard boxes, so when someone barfs in that box (which will happen eventually, I can just about guarantee it), I’ve got replacements.

I really really love Chewy and they could only be more perfect for me if they sent someone to scrub out and refill the litter boxes for me every month!


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8-26-14 — 25 Comments

  1. I see a pair of white lips that need kissin’. I do loves me a Tricki … am so tempted … can’t swing a fourth cat right now.

  2. I’m not ashamed to admit I would kiss Tricki right on those naked lips of hers. A lot.

    Jack/Tony grew up to be a really handsome cat! I really do love hearing updates on your fosters, it always puts me in such a great mood!

  3. Yes, I love Chewy too, and I’m saving those nice sturdy new box lids although I’m not sure yet for what…they just started doing that a few months ago, my first order to have them was in July sometime. I know that our rescues periodically ask for those little cardboard boxes that go underneath canned food, to use as kitten litterboxes, maybe these would be even better. You have to put a second box beside Tommy for Stinkerbelle.

  4. I am not sure if all the prices for things on Chewy are like this, but I looked up some Friskies food and the price is about double what I would spend in the grocery store. I suppose for some of you who must drive a length to get to the store this is acceptable but for me I will stick with the grocery.

    • Wow, really? The prices were comparable for the food I buy – though now that I think about it, that wasn’t always the case. Maybe the price of Friskies will go down over time, but yeah – I’m with you, if it was that much more expensive, I’d stick with the grocery store, too!

  5. Tony Soprano in Witness Protection, snerk.

    Obviously he’s been starved and doesn’t even get a soft place to sleep or lounge around. And from his body positioning, he’s clearly under a lot of stress.

    Lucky boy, always glad to hear these happy endings. Wonder if he drops a headless squirrel on the floor and goes “Ba-Da-Bing.”

    I suspect the UPS guy probably wants to know how many cats you have at some point. Or if he would ever reports anyone to the ASPCA. One walk through your house and there would be no concerns but I imagine delivery guys have seen some things that cannot be unseen.

    • Oh, that’s a good question, I wonder if they ever have to call the authorities on people. Surely they do, at some point?

      I bet anyone who walked through the house would be hard-pressed to prove that we have more than 4 cats, since most of them disappear into another dimension when strangers walk through the door. 🙂

  6. Robyn thanks for the tip about Chewy. We have recently moved to Royal Canin Hypoallergenic due to Gracie Lu’s 2 recent bouts with what looked liked pancreatitis. The RC is expensive but through Chewy I will save a little bit and get it delivered free. Win Win. Thanks so much for the tip.

    • I’ve been only RC for about fifteen years. Largely for weight loss and other health issues.

      Emotionally it’s because they’ve never had any recall issues and seem to have a good rep for reputable manufacturing.

      • Gracie Lu had two bouts of clear liquid vomitting, lethargy and drooling . Once in May and then again in June. Naturally I freaked. No problems with blood work or any other diagnostics but she was so sick. We gave her anti-nausae and a course of antibiotics along with a pain shot. The vet then looked at food and suggested we move off of another good brand (Science Diet) and try the RC hypo allergenic. Everyone in the house was fine with the shift and Gracie Lu has been fine. Plus we have had considerably less vomitting. We still get some hairballs but there is no food when they yack. This has been a good change for us and finding this website makes it even better.
        Good to know about the lack of recalls. The food recall issues the last few years have had me pretty scared.

        • I had similiar issues with one of my past cats. Vet actually suggested slipping thema third of a tagamet.

          Never figured out what it was but at some point it was easier to clean that slip her the pill. then I tried to supplement her with extra wet food, just to be sure she got nutrients.


    At this point, what difference will one more make? 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t have recognized Jack (aka Tony Soprano), because he’s so very studly now. What a hunk! Interesting re Tricki’s lips — must examine those of my two later today. And dare I add that handsome Tommy is just loafing around? (Shh, don’t tell Stinkerbelle.)

  9. Wait! I never get those boxes over the top of my cat food cases. No fair!

    I will also recommend Chewy. Unless PetSmart is having a super duper sale (rare for my brand), Chewy is always a few pennies cheaper per can. The best part is the UPS driver sets the litter inside the door if we’re home and I only have to drag it into the other room instead of heaving it into and out of the shopping cart and then the car trunk.

    • Susan (the shelter manager) said that her UPS guy will put the litter in the garage for her. UPS guys (and gals!) are just awesome. 🙂

  10. Also a Huge Chewy fan and I learned about them from you Robin. No better way to buy litter.

    And I have a tuxie named Cooper who has eyes like Tricki’s. They are so bright and intense. I can’t stop looking at them sometimes!

  11. Oh, I love me some Tommy Loaf, yum. And how sleek is Baby Tricki?!

    Do you ever notice that the black kitties get more dandruff than the others? Or is it just my boy… He’s grain-free (grains made him wheeze, and drop napalm bombs in the litter box, both problems have since cleared), and gets a supplement in his wet food.

    • I haven’t noticed it, actually – though I do notice that they seem to pick up more dust than the other cats do (although I guess they don’t really – it just shows up better against their gorgeous fur!)