8-26-15 Wednesday

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I’d say Calabash has the Open Mouth of Outrage going on, but she actually looks like she’s giggling because Ambercup is tickling her.

I’m not sure Calabash gets much food in her mouth; it seems to get all over her face and feet. She must absorb the calories that way.

Calabash puts on her Floof Suit for a moment. I don’t have any idea what caused this – she just felt floofy, I guess.

Phelps has a full belly and a sleepy head.

Louganis has the Eyes of Perpetual Amazement. (That’s Torres next to him – you can see the bit of pink fingernail polish on her ear.)

Zuke, so very very pleased with himself.

Baby’s First Skeptical. (Pattypan on the left, Calabash on the right.)

Ambercup and the Tiny Teefs. (I don’t know who that is behind her – I think it’s Torres.)

Zuke saves a little litter for a rainy day.

Phelps keeps an eye on the Weird Lady.

I’ve noticed that Torres – the only girl from the Swimmers litter – REALLY likes having sisters. She’s always playing with one of the other girls, or following them around, or snuggling with one of them. It’s awfully sweet.

The kittens are doing so well with the litter box that today I think I’m going to open the door to the closet and start (very slowly) moving the litter boxes in there. Not only does it reduce litter scatter in the foster room, it also gives the monsters more room to race around. Zuke, in particular, has a fascination with the closet. Every time I go in there to grab something, he’s hovering by the door hoping to sneak in.


“Really? REALLY, lady? EIGHT? You think you need EIGHT kittens in that house? Here’s a better number for you: zero. Zero is the number of kittens this house needs.” I think Sheriff Mama is just about over me and my fostering shenanigans.


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8-26-15 Wednesday — 27 Comments

  1. Lol, Kara. Speaks her mind, doesn’t she!

    Geez Robyn, if only they had a toy or two to play with…

  2. Kara has the most wonderful nose for shooting disdainful looks down at you even though she’s looking up. Does the Sherriff’s pink nosie ever get booped, or does one not do that with defenders of the law?

    Also, I want to be at the bottom of that pile of kittens, litter nose, food stains and all. Good grief they’re cute!

  3. I lol’d at “Baby’s First Skeptical”. Also at Kara’s “Here’s a better number for you”…. love the face on that girl (and the back toes gripping the dirt because she’s SERIOUS) hehehe 🙂

  4. Kara just cracks me up with her sour puss! Also, I am so enjoying the 2009 walk down memory lane and see my sweet Terry as a baby. 🙂

    • You made me go look. I loved Hoyt! 🙂 I found this sight at the beginning of the TBs. 🙂 They were all such dolls.

    • Is it me or does anyone else have a knee-jerk “proof of life” request when people with former fosters chime in.

      Love hearing/seeing the former fosters smug and happy in their forever homes. I bet Terry’s very smug/happy these days.

  5. If Sheriff Mama looked at ME like that, I’d run for the hills.

    I am completely blown away by the blueness of Louganis’s and Phelps’s eyes. PLEASE take many many pics of them before they turn!!!

    • I’m wondering if there’s a chance Louganis and Phelps will keep their beautiful blue eyes! It looks like everyone else’s has changed … Hey, I can hope! 🙂

  6. I bet Zuke has the softest fur. Do you have trouble telling him apart from the Swimmers?

    Maybe if Torres has some sisters she’ll be less offended by things.

    I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to have a lap full of sleepy/fighting/wiggling kittens.

    I’m having a bad week and I would love some kitten snuggling.

    • A neighbor had two litters of kittens (years ago…and yes, I pulled out my soapbox and lectured on spay/neutering). I would go over and sit on her couch. Her sons would bring me all the kittens and pile them in my lap. It was probably as close to heaven as one can get whilst still on earth. 🙂 I did help them find homes for all the babies (bless my co-workers), and the two mommas got snippity-snipped.

    • I actually don’t have much trouble telling him apart from the Swimmers – he’s a bit bigger, and moves with a little more assurance than they do. He’s also got more obvious stripes and spots!