8-27-15 Thursday

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Ambercup and Torres, hangin’ out.

Pattypan thinks the Leg o’ Spitz is particularly tender and tasty today. Highly recommended!

The kittens could hear Fred on a work call, and ran over to the door, assuming that he was coming in to play with them. Left to right: Phelps, Torres, Spitz, Calabash, Pattypan.

Lap full o’ snuggly kittens. Torres (pink collar), Phelps (you can see a wee bit of his yellow collar), and Louganis (you can’t see his collar, but it’s green – he’s the one looking up at me) mixed together with Pattypan and Ambercup.

Pattypan thinks Louganis makes a perfect pillow.

Ambercup climbs, while Pattypan is all “No! Don’t go up there! It isn’t safe!”


Zuke’s all teeth and claws.

Yes, Pattypan, let’s play hide and seek in the litter box. Why not?

Food on her face, one ear gone missing. She’s a hot mess, that sweet little Calabash.

Pattypan, feelin’ floofy.

Pouty Ambercup.


Joe Bob always has somethin’ to say.


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8-27-15 Thursday — 21 Comments

  1. OK, all of them are absolutely gorgeous, but that Pattypan girl is just CRAZY-CUTE. I just don’t know how you can handle this much cuteness without suffering severe brain damage 🙂

  2. I need Spitz in my life. and more pictures of him please and thank you! 🙂 Or Calabash and I’d call her Callie! Lord, they’re all so precious and I love how they immediately loved each other and became a big ole’ family (“The Brady Bunch.. the Brady bunch… that’s the way we became the Brady bunch.” There’s your earwig for the day 🙂 )

  3. I’ve never really noticed Pattypan’s beautiful calico colors before, I was always checking out her right front leg.

    I love that pic of them lining up to greet Fred. I bet he smiled at that one.

    • They’re eating great on their own! A couple of them feel the need to actually be ON the plate, and Spitz doesn’t care for canned food, but he likes kibble, so it’s working out.

  4. Thank you Robyn for sharing and taking care of these beautiful babies. Hubs and I lost my Dad, next day dog and a month later our kitty. Today we were going to pick his work truck and drove past the Humane Society. We both wanted to pull in…..him to look for a dog and me just to cuddle the kittens. I hope this is not too much information. I just love your site.

    • Thank you, Debbie! I’m so sorry for your losses – I hope that some time at the Humane Society with the dogs and kittens and getting lots of cuddles is just what you need. 🙂

    • I hope that is can be the beginning of your healing.

      I can’t imagine losing so many loved ones so quickly.

  5. Auntie Lisa is going to have to visit this bunch soon for kitten therapy. They are all so dang cute. So much fun for them to have a big group to grow up in.