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Da Bird-ing with the Starks and Norbie.

It’s possible a permanent resident or two got involved, too.

Norbie in his Invisible Hammock.

Eyes on the prize.

That boy can FLY.

He can skip, too.

Brandon has some fabulous jazz hands. Er, paws.

Leaning Tower of Norbie.

I’m not sure what Hodor did, but Jake’s apparently had quite enough of it.

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The tuxie-do
Sure does love that self-heating cat bed


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8-27-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Ohhhh Norbie.. SQUEEEEEE! I love it when you treat us to da Bird sessions, some of the bestest pictures and contortions come out of them! And Hodor with Jake, “Hodor.. he whispered pleadingly” Thank you for the wonderful start to this ‘at least it’s not Monday’ day!

    PS – So fitting I got the moonman & moondance banner with the shoutout to a peacefully sleeping JoeBob today!!!

    PPS – The “I needs snuggles” series with Jon Snow and Arya from yesterday made Cats Beavers and Ducks!! so freaking cute! (I do loves the Cats Beavers and Ducks, second only to Love and Hisses!)

  2. Wow, I never noticed how purty Miss Arya’s coat is. Look at those spots! Pretty little monkey.

    And Norbert – dude! Look at him fly!!

  3. Unrelated to today’s post, I had a need to go back and look at what a sweet, adorable, hot mess Tony Rocky Horror Pickle was when he first came to you. I’m sure if you’d heard anything you’d have shared it with us but I would like to [telepathically?] compel his hoomins to send you an update. Perhaps if all your readers concentrated really hard to send that vibe out into the universe, we’ll get one soon. Focus, people!

  4. Flying Norbie!

    Also – I just noticed the border on Hodor’s picture in the sidebar. Good for a laugh to make my morning XD

  5. Haaalp!

    I bought the CatIt Water fountain, but I can’t get my boys to drink from it. I put it on the table next to my bed, where the traditional ‘glass of water that’s really for the cats, not me’ was, but they haven’t touched it. In fact, Ray eyes it suspiciously.

    Is there any magic to getting them to use it or will they likely just come around eventually? I’ve only had it up for 3 days….

    • It can take a little time for them to get used to it – I’d give them a few more days, and then if they’re still suspicious, you might try moving it somewhere else. Maybe they’re just stuck in their ways and the GLASS is what belongs there, and they won’t have it any other way! πŸ™‚

  6. According to my computer after clearing cache and refreshing, Puff and Scorch still need the adopted word on their pictures.

    • They’re still showing up correctly on my computer, but I’ll try uploading the pictures again. If that doesn’t work, then you’re just going to have to take my word for it. They really ARE adopted! πŸ™‚

  7. So today we went out and bought our own Da Bird. One cat thinks it’s the best toy ever. The other cat is hiding inside the room mate’s box spring. sigh. He’s a sweet cat, but I begin to worry he might not be the brightest.

  8. Jobey-Joe, I love you so. Ditto Norbley-Noobs. And thanks for my Brandon fix, Robyn: that look of concentration on his face while Da Birding is so sweet. Ditto for all the birders, really!