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Throw Back Thursday.

I happened upon these pictures the other day (and if you read the previous years’ entries, you probably saw them yesterday in 2012’s post), and I just love them so very, very much.

That’s Tony Rocky Horror Pickle showing his brother, Joe, just who the boss was.

If you’d like to see a recent picture of the brothers, who were adopted together, you can see them at the unofficial Challenger’s House page, here. Joe is now Bodhi, and Tony RH is now Toothless (named after Toothless in How to Train your Dragon). They look like some seriously happy boys!


The first thing I do when I roll out of bed in the morning is take a shower. Usually Dennis decides it’s time for me to get up, and he jumps up on the bed and rolls around on his back until I pet him. Then, when he has decided that the pettin’ is done, he grabs my arm and gently bunny kicks me. Then I get up and head for the bathroom. I knew that some of the cats wait for me outside the bathroom – I can always see a tail sticking under the door – but I didn’t know just how many of them sat there and waited for me.

Fred took this picture yesterday morning.

That’s Sugarbutt (left) and Stefan at the bottom of the picture. Then Dennis, sitting up against the door, and next to him Jake. Then Corbie near the doorway to the front room, and Tommy actually laying in the doorway to the front room.

They wait for me there because the first thing I do after leaving the bathroom, is head to the kitchen for their morning snack of canned food. I guess they’re STARVIN’. If I take too long in the bathroom, one of them (I’m not sure who, but I suspect Dennis or Jake – possibly both) will bang on the door.


Sweet girl. I think she’d just been licking my finger, which is why my hand is hanging there in the left side of the picture.

Waiting for her belly rub.

“What? Am taking a bath!”

“Maybe I should go take a bath over there, out of reach of the camera…”

“Nah. I’m too comfy to move!”


Maxi is so so SO tired of your shenanigans.


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8-28-14 – TBT — 19 Comments

  1. Lol, yeah, I get the same thing at my bedroom door in the morning. Of course, I’d like to think it’s because the Family misses me, but really. It’s the breakfast. As soon as the sun rises.

  2. Bahahaha! Funny that it’s only the boy cats outside the bathroom door. Wonder why that is?

    We only have the one cat at the moment, but she always waits outside the bathroom door if we’ve been rude enough to shut the it behind us. Doesn’t matter the time of day, she just doesn’t like to be left out. So we get the paw under the door, and then the pounding and scratching and crying. Honestly, it’s easier to leave it cracked!

  3. Awww… loved seeing the Pickle update and learning that Tony Toothless still has his little pot belly! So sweet!

    Geez, it didn’t take Dennis long to become, like, what? PACK LEADER? at your house. LOL I long ago gave up trying to keep the cats out of the bathroom. Every morning when I shower, my boy cat sits on the bathtub ledge between the outer fabric curtain & the inner clear plastic shower curtain & he just stares at me with the occasional “peep” and waits for me to finish. I don’t know why, since they get their canned food in the evening but it’s his morning ritual so I don’t ask questions.

  4. Jeez, that Tony RH Pickle is so dang cute. He looks like an egg with legs! It’s awesome to see him so happy.

  5. HA HA HA! Lady, why you shut the door and take so long in there???

    I’d never have any peace if I shut my bathroom door. Depending on who is out, I usually have someone laying on the bathroom rug or sitting on the toilet while I’m in the shower. And if it’s Trixie, I usually have to run her OUT of the shower so I can get in it. She’ll sit in there with the water running, until it literally pools around her silly feet! πŸ˜€

    • That goes with my bedroom door, too. Oh the crying…and it sounds like they are out there body slamming the door! I really need to set up a camcorder to record what exactly they are doing!

  6. Why, Miss Robyn, looks at all those “gentleman callers” awaiting you! I have made the mistake of leaving the bathroom door open a little, and then one of the cats gives it a mighty PUSH! And then I’m exposed to the world! These cats just don’t respect others’ boundaries. πŸ™‚

  7. Hey lookie there – Tony turned into a “real” cat – not just a fire hydrant on legs. MOL

    LOVE the bathroom door picture…. Coral is the resident stalker here. She mainly eats canned and knows when the bathroom doors opens, next step is breakfast. πŸ™‚

  8. If I could adopt Tricki I would in a heartbeat! She’s adorable, and looks like an amazing girl!

  9. Looks like my house. Although I can’t close any door. I have a cat that can open any door you throw his way. I get the wake up call with a paw to the forehead every morning if I’m not up by 6 a.m. They both join me in the bathroom no matter what I go in to do. Thank goodness that I live with just my husband, so that I don’t feel so exposed. But it would be nice to be able to use the bathroom by myself just once.

  10. Obviously Tony and Joe have a hard life now with a mean, uncaring father who won’t even take a picture of them!!

    I love happy endings when we see former fosters with their forever families. I need more alliteration in my life apparently.

    Seriously, though, I’m so glad those two are together and obviously still bonded.

    Wish you and Fred could come over to Atlanta this weekend for DragonCon. It’s got a big writers track for Fred and twenty thousand other things for you. Seriously, I go to the NYTimes best sellers panel every year or the ones that celebrate obscure tv shows.

    • Speaking as a catless person (who would very much like to have one or several), that sounds WONDERFUL!

  11. I love the “cat queue” outside your door! Reminds me of folks who camped out for iPhones or blockbuster movie tickets.

    And I don’t know if I’ve said this previously, but Maxi looks so stately with her little white ruff! I guess if it weren’t for the whole “living mostly outside” thing, she’d make a good feline princess! πŸ˜‰

  12. I am a letter carrier, so bathroom time during the day is a struggle. I am normally running for the restroom as soon as I get home. A couple of days ago, due to a regretful 7-11 lunch choice, I hot-stepped it into the upstairs toilet. I sat to do my business, and there was Princess/Zombie kitty, looking startled at what was happening with my colon. I could not reach the door from my seat, so Zombie and I just stared each other down the entire time. So humiliating for us both.