8-23-22 Tuesday

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I put Mike on this very soft and comfy bed, and he rolled onto his back and said “I could used to this.” The boy likes his comfort.

Lalo looking into the crate up there on the left (and obviously thinking “It’s so much smaller than I remember!”), Nacho and Saul back near the cabinet, Mike on his cozy bed to the right, and Gus and Francesca approaching the milk bar.

Lalo enjoys a good neck rub.

Kitten pie! (My favorite!) And yes – Mike, Francesca and Lalo put themselves in the pie. I’m going to be sad when it gets peed in, and I should put it away until they’re totally litter box trained, but they love it so much that I can’t bring myself to take it away.

Nacho’s giving me the Eyes of Judgement.

Shenanigans. (Mike is in my lap.)

Saul’s face absolutely kills me. “What is this bright and warm light that is shining down upon me?!”

Nacho critiques Lalo’s Dead Armadillo Pose. “That’s not right. Your legs are too high. Canasta left us explicit instructions, and you’re doing it wrong.”

The milk bar, she is crowded.

The milk bar up and left, and while everyone else is sitting around wondering what happened, Mike is all “Welp, I got things to do. See ya later.”


Old Man Newt spends his days in comfort on Fred’s bed.


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“They keep trackin’ me down, lady. They’re little bloodhounds.”

YOU GUYS. Check out Roger (left) and his brother Wilson. As you’ll recall, Roger went home last Sunday.⁠

Sarah says: “Roger and new brother, Wilson, have had a great week getting to know each other! They have played, explored, and romped from one end of the house to the other. We love them so much!”⁠

Is that not the SWEETEST?! So sweet! (Thanks, Sarah!)

YouTube link
Mike and his bottle… and if you watch to the very end (and look in the lower right corner), you’ll see Francesca do a backflip from my lap to the floor.

I put this blanket over away from the area where the kittens have been hanging out because someone had peed on it and turned around to arrange something. When I turned back MAYBE 30 seconds later, Gus and Francesca had settled down for a nap. (Yes, I moved them.)

YouTube link
The kittens, exploring. And Mike and Francesca in the pie bein’ cute.

“Lady, Pie Time is supposed to be quiet time for me to relax and make plans. There aren’t supposed to be kittens in my Pie. Fix this.”

Good night innernets. (Francesca, with the lights-on, no-one-home situation going on.)


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