8-23-18 Thursday

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The kittens’ spays and neuters went just fine yesterday. By the time I got them home mid-afternoon, the girls were running at about half speed, and the boys were racing around like nothing had happened save the occasional confused looks (and licks) at their back ends. I imagine that the girls will be back to normal today.


Buxton the little poser.

What’s going on? Are Buxton and Calais about to leap at Bethel and hold her down and nibble her neck? No, they’re not looking at Bethel…

They were looking at the blue spring, the best toy ever!

“Hi, innernets. Hi!”

Oh, that Eliot. She is such a little cutie!

Dexter, watching birds.

The OtisMallow, giving me the stink eye.

Oh, those EYES.

Moop will have y’all know that the Arundel bed is very soft and comfy.

Otis agrees.

Calais, looking at where the feather teasers hang, and trying to figure out how to get to them.


Resting after kicking yet another dish towel. An Archie’s job is never done.


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8-23-18 Thursday — 19 Comments

  1. It’s amazing how fast kittens and children recover from surgery – I had a major one when I was nine that I bounced back just fine from, while the thought of going through it now makes me want to run away screaming!

    *sneaks in, grabs torties and calico, runs away cackling*

  2. Arundel is so sweet and pretty and such a good big sister.

    *waves* Hi, Archie, hiiiiiii! <3 (Love that boy!)

  3. Archie! Such a handsome man…

    Dexter always looks so drowsy. Love the picture of him in the forefront with Moopie Moop sitting in the background.

  4. Robyn my barn cat book is being published soon; please write it at my e-mail address because I would like to ask you for permission to use pictures of the proper way to hold nursing bottle babies; it is the only thing the publisher is having trouble tracking down (well that and any cute cat pictures you would like to share lol).

    Thanks, Melodi

  5. Hi Robyn, could you please tell me what toy Moop Moop goes so crazy for? My Willow is crazy for toys like that. Thanks!

    • I got it off Coupaw.com, actually, as part of a set of toys. Coupaw doesn’t have the set any more, but this is the set right here. If you’re interested in getting just the raffia ball, you can search on Amazon for “raffia ball cat toy”, and they have bags of them. I also can’t guarantee it, but I *think* I’ve seen bags of the raffia balls at Petsmart, so that might be worth a check!

    • Mine too – but they keep disappearing and I don’t know where they’re going! One day I’m going to open a door I rarely open, and will be buried in 10 million springs. 🙂

      • I’m the same way with puffballs! I bring a set home and Kira carries them off and I never see them again. I’m dying to know where she hides them all.

  6. Our kitties loved the BOINK toys most. Don’t know if I spelt it wrong or not. We would have a roomful of people shoot them up in the air at the same time. The cats instantly went crazy.

  7. I love the kittens…but Archie is the irresistible one…those stripes and that face…

  8. Can we get an update on Moop’s weight? Has he gain more weight since he eats away from the others?